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ka04Sometimes, even girls are violent, as this irrefutable evidence displays. I meant to post these this weekend, but I was too lazy, then too busy to get to it. So click Read More below and check out the pics. Then tell me what you think.

I put all the pictures in a gallery behind the link
rather than a handful, although we did lose the captions.
…MO 2016_1115
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producing lessons


For a weekend where I didnt do anything, the last two days certainly flew by.

Saturday, I spent the morning catching up on e-mails and writing that Ive needed to do, then I played Ghost Recon all afternoon. I forgot how fun that game is. Also, I forgot how bad I am at it. Yesterday, I watched the Eagles win again (although I had to go to a bar at ten oclock in the morning to do it), then went to a meeting at one. The meeting was about this story that a friend of a friend is trying to turn into a movie, and theres funding, but no plot. Thats where nine hours of my day went yesterday, and even if nothing comes of the work we did, it was nice to spend that time brainstorming, nice to have that outlet. It was a learning experience, as well, because there are a lot of sensibilities that I feel like I need to perfect to work with various types of people in various settings and I got only a little taste of that yesterday.

Today is work till about five, then home for football on my new satellite system. Ill also write most of the treatment that were working on, and then try to get to bed early so I can get up and write some of my own screenplay tomorrow morning. What an exciting life I lead, right?

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Something I wrote


Most of you know all this stuff and all of you know some of this, but I was writing an e-mail to a friend of a cousin this morning and realized that I had just said something interestingly close to an autobiographical blurb for the back of a book cover.

I’ve been in LA about 6 months now, having left NYC after four years.

While I did love New York, I found that two things were true: first, that I loved making movies and second, that I don’t want to be a hired gun in the production office for the rest of my life. I did a little more than three years in production back there, and learned a lot, but ultimately, I need to believe I’m working towards something bigger, that I’m making connections that will eventually allow me to create.

So… LA.
I figured Id come out here, take a couple steps down what I hope will be a bigger ladder, and sort of start over again. Ive been writing to pass the time, working at a few jobs here and there, trying
to get my foot in the door, to meet people and make connections. And that’s where I am. In fact, this might be the most coherent, concise version of the “matt moves to LA” tale I’ve yet written.

Weirdly like a mantra or something. Am I missing anything? I wrote the first ten or so pages of my screenplay yesterday and ate a free preview meal at a new restaurant where a friend of mine is working. Tasty. Now I’m going to work, where I will lament my foolishness and attempt to coax myself into staying long enough to guarantee myself a decent paycheck in three weeks. Ive never been good with delayed gratification, though.

Lastly, Happy Birthday to Shaun Barry and Amanda from Linthicum. Its been years since I’ve spoken to either of these people, but that in no way lessens their positive impact on my life. Thanks for being born, guys.

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  • The Eagles won today, in a game that I had to follow on the internet because stupid FOX-LA played a game by the Rams and the Saints, two teams whose PLAYERS would have rather watched the Eagles/Lions than their own game, but whatever. Considering that this is the first time Ive turned on my TV to watch programming, Im not encouraged. Moral: Yup, TV still sucks.
  • My financial situation is utterly dire. Simply disasterous. I must, have to, and am absolutely required to reduce my financial output in favor of more responsible fiscal policy. This includes developing a lot of pictures, eating out, and impulse purchases. Moral: A penny saved is a penny that can be used to pay down credit card debts.
  • The guy that runs PERFECT 10 magazine needs a manager for his social calendar. His “model boxing” party on Saturday, while stocked with hot girls and a video crew or two, wasnt a blip on the social radar here in LA, and it should have been. They didnt even stop me from taking pictures, which I did quite liberally throughout the event, unchecked. Moral: Taking fewer shots that I know arent going to come out well is a good way to reduce photography expenditures.
  • I didnt go into work today for the millionth weekend in a row, even though I tried. I will be earning less of that proverbial phat cash this week as a result. Moral: Work is unattainable on Sundays – shooting for Saturdays is much more realistic.

    I hope youve enjoyed my list. More bedroom pictures in my next update (not THAT kind, you perv!), and then maybe a picture of a girl punching another girl in the face. Well, in the facemask.

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    My gambling career and other worries


    So on Wednesday, I went down to Santa Monica with Klee and played Blackjack for some executives for the gameshow network. It turned out to be couples Blackjack, so Klee had to pretend to like me for a few minutes, but it didnt kill her. I had it easy, I just treated her like I treat all my girlfriends – ignore the shit out of them and they love me for it.

    We almost won $250, but didnt.

    After that, we came home, drank away our sorrows in the form of two beers before I had to go home to get some sleep for Thursdays work and ended up going to work exhausted anyway. No one ever really talks about how good my willpower is. Maybe I should try to change that. But it sounds like a lot of work.

    Steve didnt come up yesterday, either. I know, heartbroken, right? Yeah, well, me too. Hes coming on Monday night, but thats going to be too bad because Im getting DirecTV on Monday afternoon, and Im not going to be able to pay any attention to him. Shame. His fault, I guess, for failing to remit himself when he had the chance to get attention. Ah well. Theres always Tuesday (thats when Monday night Football is NOT on).

    Anyway, the weekend is shaping up well, beaches and work, my two favorite things. Okay, only one of them is one of my favorite things. The other, I loathe, but Ill let you guess which is which. And now Im going to go and clean more stuff from the dining room. Im totally going to finish it this weekend, and starting tonight is a great idea.

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    Massive pictures updates!


    These are some big pictures. I’m adding a .zip file at the bottom for download in case you want to look at more, bigger pictures of the same crap. The .zip is 25 megs, so watch out for slow connections (Mom). I’ve finally gotten my USB ports working again, so its time to show you what everything looks like right now, but I can only do THAT after my backlog of pictures is dealt with. Here’s the backlog, and there will be more later this week.

    So click Read More, check out the pics, appreciate Drew’s awesome packing job (he *is* my personal Jesus, afterall) and marvel at how I got most of that stuff to fit in my room.

    Ive had a productive day. I should skip work more often.

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    Monday, bloody Monday


    My last update was a little weird, I admit. Sorry about that. It was dark while I was typing it, and although I did a lot of the thinking about that update on my ride (during the part BEFORE I was too tired to think about anything but how exhausted I was), I didnt really get the point across that well. Ill work on it and get back to you. Probably, its just some not-that-interesting, general-purpose thing on aging. I dunno.

    The Eagles play tonight, trying to be one of like 2 teams in the NFL to be undefeated after only 2 games. That would be nice. But the Vikings arent slouches, so it should be interesting. I have to leave the house for the game (after being cooped up at home all day long, it should be fun), so I may just go to Hooters and have wings and beer. That could be generic in that kind of fun way, but if Im going to go by myself, Ill probably find a much dive-y-er (wow) bar and have beer without the wings alone. Well see.

    Anyway, dining room still isnt cleaned of all my stuff, but its getting there slowly. Im going to go deal with a little more of it right now, and maybe soon Ill actually have a handle on my crap. It seems unlikely, given how much of it there is, but if my resolve is just strong enough…. Now Im back to being 28 and not 18. Bringing a post full-circle… Im so proud of myself!

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    So I biked to Santa Monica today. And home. And you know what I was thinking about pretty much all the time I was riding? Everything that I like to do now, I was better at ten years ago. Ten years have gone by, ten years of my life, and Im pretty much worse at everything that I like to do. In 1994, I was in better shape. In better VBall practice, too. I could ride further, more easily, and faster. I shot movies more frequently then than I do now, and it was easier, even though I was unschooled, hadnt had the experience of working on a “real” film, hadnt ever actually shot film at all. I was better socially, too – more friendly, outgoing, and more comfortable in my skin.

    I cant chalk it up to, or blame any of this, really, on being old. Fact of the matter is, yeah, Im going to be sore tomorrow, but I would have been sore ten years ago, too. I would have worked though it, though, and everything would have been fine. I cant blame it on having a fill-time job, because I gettnig up at 5:30 every morning (not hitting snooze till 6 like I do now) and going to school all day. Often, I had practice of one sort or another, too, meaning that I spent more time in school than I currently do at work.

    Its weird. In some ways, ten years has done a lot to me, but in others, Im still the same person, only less in pretty much every way. Im not sure I like this train of thought, but if I know anything about myself, its that I lack the discipline to enact any real change. Im not getting into biking shape – that means I have to bike more than once a month. Im not getting good at VBall–Id need to go to the beach occasionally, and Im not going to learn any more languages, no matter how many international beginner/intermediate ads you show me.

    Okay, Im falling asleep writing this, so Im going to end it. Theres more to be said, but itll just have to wait.

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    Its on!


    The invitation is sent. The stage is set, the die is cast, the gun has sounded. “It has begun!”

    If you dont have an e-mail from me about the new Whisper Down the Lane, please send me an e-mail and Ill rectify that as soon as humanly possible. We want your participation, your input, your 250 words. If you dont know what the hell Im talking about, go here and read the Official invitation and/or Ham Parking Zoot Suit because thatll give you an idea of just what weve done.

    Now the ball is in your court. Reply to the e-mail in your inbox and reserve a place in line. The story is counting on you.

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    Recommendations forum open!


    I just put it up, and it doesnt even have a title. You can click in the Forums link on the right, or just Click Here to get there faster.

    Be sure to give a quick perusal to the sticky announcement I made, just to help streamline the process of making the forum useful for everyone. Please feel free to give the link to people that dont read the site, as well, because, while it is a Clapboard project, it doesnt have to be limited to just people that care somewhat about where my life is at the moment – movies are for everybody!

    Thanks for reading, and I look forward to your recommendations.

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    Ham Parking Zoot Suit!

    This is one of the posts that was almost totally destroyed. Not even the title survived, but I managed to find the stub of what it was and paste in the entire thing from a *really* old SQL dump.
    This is also an amazing story – I wish we’d kept a list of authors, because I know SOME of the folks who were on it by writing style or word choice, but definitely not all.(…MO 2016_0729)

    The Dadaist Adventures of Kimchee and Rachel

    The young woman uncurled and reached for the remote, freezing Army of Darkness and reluctantly picking up the phone.


    “Rachel.” There was a pause on the other end, then a rush of words. “Listen, when I came to meet you at the bar last night, I saw you with somebody else. But I was thinking, I don”t even want an explanation. We”ve only gone on a couple dates, it”s not like you have any obligation to me. I just wanted to let you know, that”s why I didn”t show up. When I saw you with that other guy I freaked out and didn”t want to stick around.”

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    I feel like I should write something, given that its the end of a weekend and all, but I just dont know where to start. Or how to continue.

    September 11th came and went without fanfare – no one out here even remembered, I dont think. I guess theres no way to remember, but hanging a flag or something might have been nice. Something to say, “Hey, I havent forgotten the people we lost” or something like that. Whatever, I was stuck in Home Depot for an hour because their computers went down. Weird.

    Cathy came yesterday afternoon with her friend Ty, and we spent about 24 hours watching movies, drinking wine, and generally just chilling out. (Why does “chilling” look all dumb when I write it out? “Chillin” doesnt look any better, either. Annoying.) We went to the beach today (yay!!!) and I got a little red, although I suspect that with a couple of showers, Ill be good as new. Theres certainly no pain, so thats good.

    I finished my bookshelf this afternoon, and took one of my lights off the wall where itll go. I have to get a hand bringing it in when its dry, so thatll probably be tomorrow after work. I feel like Im getting very close to not having to work on my house all the time when Im not working on making money – its getting to be a rather liberating feeling. Tough week this week, though, because I didnt go in all weekend, I need more hours and tomorrow is going to start late (damn banks and their non-auto-transferrance policies!). Weak. Must perservere, though, and work harder than I want to, just to make me the cash. The cash, yeah, the cash.

    Very dirty, must shower. Having derranged thoughts and bad ideas. Cleanliness will purge me of the insanity. What should I name my movie recommendation section?

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    When I sign up for my Netflix account, will you recommend things for me to watch? I think Im going to put up another forum, this time exclusively dedicated to movie recommendations that you guys think I should rent. I figure each movie will get its own topic and I can reply underneathto say that Ive added or seen it, and to include any comments. It might provoke discussion about particlular films, something thats not happening anymore on any of the boards Im reading, so thatd be a nice benefit, too.

    I havent gotten anything accomplished this week (shock!) except work, but Ive worked a lot, and thats important after last weeks serious lack of work and the terrible paycheck that resulted. This weekend, Ill try to complete some of the things Ive been meaning to do (bookshelf, anyone?) so maybe this whole “ordering of the life” thing can come a little closer to fruition. Ill at least go grocery shopping so I can eat. Thats a great idea.

    Now Im off to work.

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    Notes n stuff


    So the holiday weekend is drawing to a close. It didnt really feel like a holiday weekend because I worked for a few hours yesterday and most of the day today, but thats okay because I needed the money. What Im hoping is that any overtime I can make this week will make up for the serious lack of time I worked last week, negating the tiny paycheck Ill be getting.

    That said, I bought about half the wood for my bookshelf (shoulda bought it all, but I wouldnt have had time to build the thing anyway) this weekend and stained what I have, so thats out of the way. I can definitely finish it this week if I make it a priority.

    Im trying to do a better job of leveraging the connections that I have to make things happen for myself, too, because Im running out of excuses, even ones that I can use to fool myself. Its time to get off the plan B bus on Easy Street and onto what may be a tougher ride on the plan A shuttle.

    That was a stupid metaphor. I apologize for that. Take my keyboard away from me and punch me in the gut next time you see me. Thanks.

    Went to Malibu with Brad and his friends Jared and Sarah yesterday, got a little sun in the back of Brads Jeep while we drove around, and had a generally good time. Jason and Sarah are good people, so its cool that theyre there. For the record, though, Id like to note that Brad has had visitors so far and I have not – thats not a good thing. You guys need to step up and make things happen for me, lest my new roommate think me incapable of hosting guests or something. Consider coming for Halloween. Were probably going to throw a debaucherous party, so it should be a good time.

    On the list for this week is ordering High-Speed internet (no more stealing Wi-Fi) and getting some kind of TV reception. I think well get Satellite, because at $40/month, its the cheapest option available that also guarantees us actual reception. Also, the first 6 months of HD programming are free. HD programming on our HDTV. Go figure.

    Okay, now Im off to get myself clean (no more dirty me) and write checks, although not in that order. I still have quite a bit of cleaning up to do before I can get everything I want where I want it, and getting those bills out of here is a priority. Its a yucky priority, but a priority nonetheless.

    Lastly, Im glad that some of you think Ill keep this place going after I “make it,” whatever that may mean these days. Its certainly my intention to keep clapboard going, although well see how hard that proves to be.

    update: Katie brought to my attention that Cathy has, indeed been to visit me. This is the second time Ive forgotten that shes been here. I am a bad person. Apologies.

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    Playin Hooky


    Since I had already destroyed my week with my time off on Monday (and subsequent inability to move tuesday, so I couldnt work 10+ hours), and because I had to go in late because I had to transfer cash to my bank account to cover the mailed rent check, I decided that Id be better served staying home and working on my room all day, so thats what I did.

    I couldnt get wood for a bookshelf into my rented Mitsubishi Lancer (totally weak car, by the way, but for the price, Im amazed that I have more than a bicycle), so I didnt build my bookshelf. That was the priority, but there were secondary and tertiary things that I needed to do, so I managed to keep very busy. The short list of things that took up my day:

  • Stained the staircase (note to self: shoulda done that before I built it)
  • Stained the Bickford Server table (needed a good coat of primer first, but didnt get one)
  • Built, stained printer stand
  • Built, stained TV stand
  • Moved TV into room, set up Kawasaki DVD changer and accompanying 5.1 surround system

    Thats about it, but it managed to take me until about nine at night to get it all done, at which time it was important that I go get myself showered before putting in an appearance at a friends birthday party. I only stayed for a minute, though, because this morning I got back on track for my usual 5:30am alarm & MWS work. Joy.

    No plans for the weekend, except maybe getting my USB ports to work and the always-failing beach trip. Well see how that goes, and Im sure Ill put up some updates (maybe photos, fnially, too) about my car (due back to me today) and about my progress finding my stuff a home.

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    Cleaning up, moving in


    Still nothing on the USB front, so no pictures, even though I have lots to upload. Shame.

    Last night, I spent some time organizing and moving things around – Im getting down to things that go in my room, which are the last things that I want to put away (and the last things I can put away at least until I build myself a bookcase and get a mini-dresser). Thats a good thing. My kitchen swallowed a lot of my stuff last night, pots, pans, glasses, etc., and the laundry room swallowed a lot more. I dont know where everything is going to go yet, but weve got a start now that the washer and dryer are in their final places and the shelving is at least partially set up. The home theatre system is set up, too – amazing. It sounds good (still waiting to optimize it until we get seating arranged properly), looks good, and makes me feel like Im finally home. Last night, I put on music loud enough that people walking by on the street had to look up and wonder what was going on.

    Now Im off to the bank to make sure the rent check isnt going to bounce, and then off to work for whats definitely going to be a short week. Ill just have to make up for it NEXT week (although its a holiday week, so…). Well see.

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    Andrew is my personal Jesus


    I dont have time to get into it all now (its almost 1am and Ive been working pretty steadily since 8:30 this morning), but the pack job that the guy did will stand out in the annals of packing as the last modern miracle. Everything in, everything stayed where it was packed, all the fragile stuff made it through unharmed. Super-impressive.

    I have some digital pictures, and as soon as I discover why my USB PnP isnt working (something to do with SP2?), Ill get right on posting them. Long story short, after 5+ hours of setup, the Entertainment center is mostly set up. Still some work to do, but the $200 worth of cables I bought today seem to do the trick.

    More tomorrow, after 10 or 11 hours of work, that is.

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    the aging of blogs


    I did a little link surfing through LiveJournal last night (and even considered signing up for LJ years too late, just to comment on things), and got to wondering about the way personal web logs age. I see lots of neat personal sites dry up and blow away, and I wonder what the average shelf life for a website like this one is. Is it related to the stubbornness of the author? The fierceness of the authors desire to get his/her voice out there? The length of time in the authors life when theres literally nothing theyd rather be doing than posting musings and thoughts on a website?

    Ive been posting crap online since fall of 1995, when I got to UMBC and learned that we had 5 megs of webspace that we could work with. I learned rudimentary HTML right quick and put some shit up. Sparing you the history lesson, its enough to say that there have been a lot of changes over the last nine years, both in the site and in my life, but the general theme has stayed the same. Nowadays, blogging is a verb, recognized even by many of the tech-illiterate, and lots of people do it. In 95, I certainly wasnt keeping a web log of anything in particular, but the seeds were definitely there.

    Thats all on this one for now. Ive done laundry in the new washer (which is now hanging all over the house to dry because the dryer isnt hooked up) and Ive prepped my room for the landing of all my stuff tomorrow. Nothing exciting (although I am totally ready to spend another almost two grand on a great sofa/loveseat/armchair set) to report about the weekend, unfortunately, although I did see friend Kelly for her birthday dinner last night. I cant wait till everything is set up, running and happy – I know itll be awhile, but everything has to have its place, right? Thats the motto, and thats the goal.

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    I bought a new TV


    65″ just about says it all. Good deal at Best Buy, being delivered on Monday at the same time, oddly enough, as everything else I own. Now I need a progressive scan DVD player, but since thats not on the list of things okayed to purchase on credit, itll just have to wait.

    I know its crazy, but since Im new in town, I have a whole slew of things I want to do to make my place home. Next, actually, is a couch/armchair set, I think, for placing in front of the TV. I actually found one that I really like for less money than the TV by itself. That, too, is not okayed for credit, so itll be a little while, but maybe I can dedicate one paycheck that SHOULD be going to bills to it and just go the rest of the way on credit. I mean, I cant sit on the floor and watch my new TV.

    Things are getting back to being a major production when I start them, no more doing things half-assed. I like when things are done HUGE or not done at all. I think I live well that way.

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    Friday night


    The days are just whizzing by. My computers USB ability has somehow been stunted since I installed SP2, so I cant post the long-awaited pictures of my staircase until I fix that problem. Since I dont have the energy tonight, Ill just deal with it tomorrow.

    Ive taken to working 6-hour days on Fridays so I can get things done that need weekday time. Todays mission was to drop my car at the fix-it place. For those that dont know, my car was involved in a fender-bender on Friday the 13th while I was in NYC. Brad got run off the road by an elderly woman who couldnt see over the hill of whatever place she was exiting and wasnt going slowly enough for the exit, and he had to swerve to avoid her. Long story short, everyones fine, cars got some mad-expensive damage, on the order of $2000. Brads being really cool and taking care of everything, so its merely an inconvenience for me, but still, dropping my new baby off for its first service makes me a little nervous.

    My stuff is slated to arrive on Monday morning, and Ive given them a committment to unload in an hour, so that should be fun. After that, next week promises to be a massive headache, and no mistake. Itll be JVS stuff in the mornings, DVD stuff all day, then unpacking and arranging all night until the break of dawn, then doing it all again until I just up and die. pathetic, right? How are there just not enough hours in the day? I mean, I want to see movies, go to the beach, make up some time at work, shop for my TV, sleep late, write my screenplay and do a million other small things and we all know Im not going to get even half of that crap done. I have to get a rental car before I do most of it, which is lame because I dont want to spend any more of someone elses money than I have to.

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    practically a week


    Practically a week has gone by and I cant even express the number of times Ive wanted to update about little things going on, but literally havent had the time. Im still really tired, really busy trying to get my life in order (built steps up to my bed on Sunday – I have pictures and stories crowing with pride, but no time to post them) and trying to get my finances straight (working at the DVD place 10ish hours and online at least an hour every day). I havent explained about my car (expensive, but not terrible), my TV search (a roller coaster of near-misses) or my expansion plans (building a book case? buying a dresser? staining the steps?), and I havent had the energy to talk about how damn tired I am. Last night I passed out just before nine oclock, though, so that should go a long way towards fixing whats been ailing me.

    Im off to work now. Suprised? Then an interview this afternoon and then a meeting about my car. Sometime in there, I have to call my insurance company, too. Yeesh.

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    Following games online


    I went over to the local dive bar (the Powerhouse) about 30 minutes ago, figuring Id get em to put the Birds on one of their TVs, right? Yeah, well, I forgot that they only have one TV, and some asshole was watching some crap that wasnt the Eagles. I didnt even buy a beer. Thatll teach em. Now, Im following the game online, on an amazingly-sophisticated site that refreshes all the time and is pretty easy to follow. Im definitely going to have to add the link to the gameday site to my links page – its too good to pass up, especially since so few of our games are nationally-televised during the regular season.

    Were up 24-17 right now with all our timeouts, posession, and on Baltimores 15. Looks like this one is wrapped up, especially since Bmore just took their final TimeOut at 1:53 remaining in the game.

    Another field goal puts the game away! Okay, thats enough from me. Im glad to be following the game (albeit retardedly), and I think Ill have this site up on the laptop while I watch from now on. Its informative.

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    Fo real


    Its funny. I sit down to write this update, and feel like Ive said everything already. Im sure its not true, but I cant think of anything to say that might be vaguely interesting related to the past weekend. Im just tired of how wrong everything went in light of how positive things were. A paradox for sure.

    Stream-of-consciousness stuff:

  • Ive finally gotten XP Pro Corporate on my laptop. I did it in bits and pieces (when it would have taken a dedicated 2 hours at once), and its updated, all the way through SP2. Ive read that its still not the best thing ever, but its the best they got, and until Adobe caves and releases Linux stuff, Im stuck. Macromedia, too, although theyre replacable.
  • I put in 20 hours of work on this week. Not bad, considering that I only had 2 days to do it in, but not good, considering that in the 10-day, 80-hour period, I worked 6 days and about 50 hours. Thats just bad news.
  • Andrew having packed the truck has really lifted a weight from my mind. Its like Ive suddenly come around a corner in the always-dark cave Ive been in and can finally see a tiny glimmer of light way far off in the distance. I cant stare at it too long or Ill blind myself, but knowing its there, that escape from the caverns is soon is good enough for now.
  • I wrote a little more of my outline on the airplane on the way home, but given my condition, it may all be bunk. Well see how it ends up. I also forget exactly what I was intending to do with the Patron Project, and I want to get that 4th draft complete so I can give it to a few people, confident that theyre getting my best work.

    Enough of this. Ill return when I have some pictures. Im going to try to play VBall this weekend, learn about installing a new breaker and wires and outlets for my room (pain in the ass), build my monitor riser, work a little, and get some writing done. Busy weekend already and its not even here yet. Anyway, thanks for sticking through the dry spell. And thanks to Megs for submitting a Salon link. slowly but surely, were effecting changes.

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    worlds fastest update


    After a really tough weekend, Im back in LA, getting caught up on work and on sleep, and working on getting through the hardest part of the adjustment process so far in my move to LA. Ill update more about my wrecked car, the dead guy on Amtrak, the never-arriving moving truck and other sundry crap tonight (I hope), but since Im waiting on someone to give me back my station (Princess Party!), I wanted to mention that I hadnt forgotten you.

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    Worlds longest update


    Don’t say I didn’t warn you…

    My patience is coming to an end. When I have to choose whether or not to make a call about a low-wage personal assistant gig that I’m in no way guaranteed, I know somethings wrong. I’m in such dire shape that I feel like I have to stay at my current job, losing money, but not hemmoraging it, until I find something more suitable to me and also more permanent. Its quite a pickle, even if its a stupid problem to have. Really, before changing jobs, I have to consider consolidating debt, because the various payments are higher individually than they’d be together, and having it all in one place (and not spread between various Cards and my mom) would be a better feeling. The problem is that its pointless to consolidate it unless I can get it all, and getting it all is nearly impossible, because its tens of thousands of dollars.