Still nothing on the USB front, so no pictures, even though I have lots to upload. Shame.

Last night, I spent some time organizing and moving things around – Im getting down to things that go in my room, which are the last things that I want to put away (and the last things I can put away at least until I build myself a bookcase and get a mini-dresser). Thats a good thing. My kitchen swallowed a lot of my stuff last night, pots, pans, glasses, etc., and the laundry room swallowed a lot more. I dont know where everything is going to go yet, but weve got a start now that the washer and dryer are in their final places and the shelving is at least partially set up. The home theatre system is set up, too – amazing. It sounds good (still waiting to optimize it until we get seating arranged properly), looks good, and makes me feel like Im finally home. Last night, I put on music loud enough that people walking by on the street had to look up and wonder what was going on.

Now Im off to the bank to make sure the rent check isnt going to bounce, and then off to work for whats definitely going to be a short week. Ill just have to make up for it NEXT week (although its a holiday week, so…). Well see.