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Breaking News, at least as far as it counts as news for Clapboard.

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Happy Birthday, Alina!

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It’s not a holiday yet, but someday, no doubt, we’ll look back and know when it all began.  It’s an incredibly exciting time to be me.

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Fixed it!

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well, shit!
I broke clapboard like a month ago trying to do some halfassed maintenance, and here’s what it gets me.  Basically 2013 was a wash, update-wise, since I wrote almost nothing at all, either here or elsewhere, but it would have been nice to get SOME things on board here.  I’ll update more in a bit, and I’m even putting together a scheme where I put up a bunch of photos from the world tour I just completed. Maybe some of that will get written now that I know I have a place to put it.

For now, from the porch at the Lyndoch Hill restaurant, I’ll sign off.

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I’m home!

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It’s Emily’s birthday, too, which is way more important than being home.

But I’m home, and it’s rad.

More to come, but I have to go nuke bots who’ve been signing up for the site and then not doing anything.

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sneezing update

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So, I’m allergic to dust.


The allergist gave me that “80 pricks” test or whatever, and dust (dust mites) were far and away the biggest thing on my arm, followed by feathers, something else, and cats.

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It’s a big week here

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It’s a big week in the life of Matt.

I’m going to Culver City every day to work on a show for the Food Network (expanding PCW‘s experience and contacts in the TV industry), Emily is still out on Bon Jovi, and I’m starting to get a little more serious about doing more real computer work.