Its funny. I sit down to write this update, and feel like Ive said everything already. Im sure its not true, but I cant think of anything to say that might be vaguely interesting related to the past weekend. Im just tired of how wrong everything went in light of how positive things were. A paradox for sure.

Stream-of-consciousness stuff:

  • Ive finally gotten XP Pro Corporate on my laptop. I did it in bits and pieces (when it would have taken a dedicated 2 hours at once), and its updated, all the way through SP2. Ive read that its still not the best thing ever, but its the best they got, and until Adobe caves and releases Linux stuff, Im stuck. Macromedia, too, although theyre replacable.
  • I put in 20 hours of work on this week. Not bad, considering that I only had 2 days to do it in, but not good, considering that in the 10-day, 80-hour period, I worked 6 days and about 50 hours. Thats just bad news.
  • Andrew having packed the truck has really lifted a weight from my mind. Its like Ive suddenly come around a corner in the always-dark cave Ive been in and can finally see a tiny glimmer of light way far off in the distance. I cant stare at it too long or Ill blind myself, but knowing its there, that escape from the caverns is soon is good enough for now.
  • I wrote a little more of my outline on the airplane on the way home, but given my condition, it may all be bunk. Well see how it ends up. I also forget exactly what I was intending to do with the Patron Project, and I want to get that 4th draft complete so I can give it to a few people, confident that theyre getting my best work.

    Enough of this. Ill return when I have some pictures. Im going to try to play VBall this weekend, learn about installing a new breaker and wires and outlets for my room (pain in the ass), build my monitor riser, work a little, and get some writing done. Busy weekend already and its not even here yet. Anyway, thanks for sticking through the dry spell. And thanks to Megs for submitting a Salon link. slowly but surely, were effecting changes.