Weekend Update

One of my favorite sections back when I did interesting things on weekends. Of course, now that my work schedule is, shall we say, slower, I do interesting things whenever I want, as long as they don’t cost much money.

shit I must accomplish
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I ain’t dead

Weekend Update

shit I must accomplishYo.

The fam was here all weekend (Thursday – Monday, and if that ain’t what weekends are in the summertime, I’ll be your aunt Fanny), so I was offline for yet another few days.

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Weekend Update

Backstory: A few months ago, i bought hardware for a job as part of a lot that the seller wouldn’t break apart.

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quick update

Weekend Update

Hello there!

So this has to be quick because I’m still slammed busy and overtired from the end of tour and the weekend, but I wanted to update about the last bit of my trip, etc.

So in Charlotte, I got to see Justin for a couple of hours – it was nice to see him, but entirely too short a visit for my taste.

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Notes and Updates

Weekend Update

So I’ve been thinking a lot about proper blogging over the last few days and being entirely too lazy to actually write anything. That’s not going to change in any material way tonight, but I did want to mention that I survived the weekend.

I’ve been really tired for some reason all weekend long, starting on Thursday.

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It’s been a long time

Weekend Update

Turns out that a new site doesn’t mean I update more.

Mom came last Thursday and she gets up early, so my normal morning writing time was interrupted by social time, which is infinitely better for me.