When I sign up for my Netflix account, will you recommend things for me to watch? I think Im going to put up another forum, this time exclusively dedicated to movie recommendations that you guys think I should rent. I figure each movie will get its own topic and I can reply underneathto say that Ive added or seen it, and to include any comments. It might provoke discussion about particlular films, something thats not happening anymore on any of the boards Im reading, so thatd be a nice benefit, too.

I havent gotten anything accomplished this week (shock!) except work, but Ive worked a lot, and thats important after last weeks serious lack of work and the terrible paycheck that resulted. This weekend, Ill try to complete some of the things Ive been meaning to do (bookshelf, anyone?) so maybe this whole “ordering of the life” thing can come a little closer to fruition. Ill at least go grocery shopping so I can eat. Thats a great idea.

Now Im off to work.