65″ just about says it all. Good deal at Best Buy, being delivered on Monday at the same time, oddly enough, as everything else I own. Now I need a progressive scan DVD player, but since thats not on the list of things okayed to purchase on credit, itll just have to wait.

I know its crazy, but since Im new in town, I have a whole slew of things I want to do to make my place home. Next, actually, is a couch/armchair set, I think, for placing in front of the TV. I actually found one that I really like for less money than the TV by itself. That, too, is not okayed for credit, so itll be a little while, but maybe I can dedicate one paycheck that SHOULD be going to bills to it and just go the rest of the way on credit. I mean, I cant sit on the floor and watch my new TV.

Things are getting back to being a major production when I start them, no more doing things half-assed. I like when things are done HUGE or not done at all. I think I live well that way.