I went over to the local dive bar (the Powerhouse) about 30 minutes ago, figuring Id get em to put the Birds on one of their TVs, right? Yeah, well, I forgot that they only have one TV, and some asshole was watching some crap that wasnt the Eagles. I didnt even buy a beer. Thatll teach em. Now, Im following the game online, on an amazingly-sophisticated site that refreshes all the time and is pretty easy to follow. Im definitely going to have to add the link to the gameday site to my links page – its too good to pass up, especially since so few of our games are nationally-televised during the regular season.

Were up 24-17 right now with all our timeouts, posession, and on Baltimores 15. Looks like this one is wrapped up, especially since Bmore just took their final TimeOut at 1:53 remaining in the game.

Another field goal puts the game away! Okay, thats enough from me. Im glad to be following the game (albeit retardedly), and I think Ill have this site up on the laptop while I watch from now on. Its informative.