My last update was a little weird, I admit. Sorry about that. It was dark while I was typing it, and although I did a lot of the thinking about that update on my ride (during the part BEFORE I was too tired to think about anything but how exhausted I was), I didnt really get the point across that well. Ill work on it and get back to you. Probably, its just some not-that-interesting, general-purpose thing on aging. I dunno.

The Eagles play tonight, trying to be one of like 2 teams in the NFL to be undefeated after only 2 games. That would be nice. But the Vikings arent slouches, so it should be interesting. I have to leave the house for the game (after being cooped up at home all day long, it should be fun), so I may just go to Hooters and have wings and beer. That could be generic in that kind of fun way, but if Im going to go by myself, Ill probably find a much dive-y-er (wow) bar and have beer without the wings alone. Well see.

Anyway, dining room still isnt cleaned of all my stuff, but its getting there slowly. Im going to go deal with a little more of it right now, and maybe soon Ill actually have a handle on my crap. It seems unlikely, given how much of it there is, but if my resolve is just strong enough…. Now Im back to being 28 and not 18. Bringing a post full-circle… Im so proud of myself!