Practically a week has gone by and I cant even express the number of times Ive wanted to update about little things going on, but literally havent had the time. Im still really tired, really busy trying to get my life in order (built steps up to my bed on Sunday – I have pictures and stories crowing with pride, but no time to post them) and trying to get my finances straight (working at the DVD place 10ish hours and online at least an hour every day). I havent explained about my car (expensive, but not terrible), my TV search (a roller coaster of near-misses) or my expansion plans (building a book case? buying a dresser? staining the steps?), and I havent had the energy to talk about how damn tired I am. Last night I passed out just before nine oclock, though, so that should go a long way towards fixing whats been ailing me.

Im off to work now. Suprised? Then an interview this afternoon and then a meeting about my car. Sometime in there, I have to call my insurance company, too. Yeesh.