These are some big pictures. I’m adding a .zip file at the bottom for download in case you want to look at more, bigger pictures of the same crap. The .zip is 25 megs, so watch out for slow connections (Mom). I’ve finally gotten my USB ports working again, so its time to show you what everything looks like right now, but I can only do THAT after my backlog of pictures is dealt with. Here’s the backlog, and there will be more later this week.

So click Read More, check out the pics, appreciate Drew’s awesome packing job (he *is* my personal Jesus, afterall) and marvel at how I got most of that stuff to fit in my room.

Ive had a productive day. I should skip work more often.

As if that wasnt enough, click here to download the massive 24+MB .zip file of 22 high-res images. Just cause you can.