So on Wednesday, I went down to Santa Monica with Klee and played Blackjack for some executives for the gameshow network. It turned out to be couples Blackjack, so Klee had to pretend to like me for a few minutes, but it didnt kill her. I had it easy, I just treated her like I treat all my girlfriends – ignore the shit out of them and they love me for it.

We almost won $250, but didnt.

After that, we came home, drank away our sorrows in the form of two beers before I had to go home to get some sleep for Thursdays work and ended up going to work exhausted anyway. No one ever really talks about how good my willpower is. Maybe I should try to change that. But it sounds like a lot of work.

Steve didnt come up yesterday, either. I know, heartbroken, right? Yeah, well, me too. Hes coming on Monday night, but thats going to be too bad because Im getting DirecTV on Monday afternoon, and Im not going to be able to pay any attention to him. Shame. His fault, I guess, for failing to remit himself when he had the chance to get attention. Ah well. Theres always Tuesday (thats when Monday night Football is NOT on).

Anyway, the weekend is shaping up well, beaches and work, my two favorite things. Okay, only one of them is one of my favorite things. The other, I loathe, but Ill let you guess which is which. And now Im going to go and clean more stuff from the dining room. Im totally going to finish it this weekend, and starting tonight is a great idea.