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Jack is fired.

Miscellaneous Ancient Content

That time your killer instinct was way off the mark, Jack.

I understand your complaints, Jack, so I want to lay it all out to you clearly. What we’ve got here is unlike anything anyone else has ever seen, Jack. It’s so far ahead of its time that it makes everything else look like BASIC, Jack, and don’t doubt it. Jack, this stuff is light years ahead of what every guy down the pike is doing – light years ahead. It’s the next big thing, Jack, ant the time has come to fish or cut bait.

I mean it, Jack. If you can’t see the importance of what we’re trying to do here, if you can’t see the strength in our planning, then I don’t think there’s a place for you in this company, Jack. I understand that you still have all that stock, Jack, but if you can’t come onboard this ship, Jack, if you can’t find it in you to change your mind completely, then I suggest selling that stock before we make this thing public.

Of course I’ll buy it back from you. I am going to be a very rich man in a very short time, Jack, and the man with the kind of stock you’re carrying will be, too. No, Jack, the stock doesn’t entitle you to a piece in this decision. It’s already been made. Look at yourself, Jack! You’re whining! Isn’t that a sign of defeat already? I know that this project killed your project – it killed three of mine as well. What that means, Jack, is anyone’s guess. They might be able to align with this new order we’re building; in which case, they’ll also make us piles of money. If not, Jack, maybe I’ll sell those plans to someone unfortunate enough not to be in this project at the ground floor. In fact, if you’re serious about selling that stock, I bet we could work out a deal to take those projects in trade.

Of course I think I’m getting the better end of that deal, Jack. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t offer it to you. But you must have some pretty good reasons for your hesitation or else you would have seen the feasibility of this plan by now, Jack, so you might well want to take some of the other projects in trade for this stock you see doomed to failure. Right. Yes, that way only one of us falls. Right, Jack, friendship preserved, I guess, on the stubbornness that founded it. Of course, Jack. I’ll have my lawyers draft the papers. The projects? Umm, I’m talking about the Blue plans, the 82nd Street stuff, the Managerial material – yes all of it, and all of the source – and the modeling. That does sound like a lot, Jack. And to think, we were all planning on making some hefty profits with those ideas. Well, Jack, you still may. Of course, you’ll have to license the new stuff through us. Never! Not at full price! Don’t be silly, Jack. Then again, you are leaving us right before our launch. Now I’ve got another meeting, Jack, so I’ve got to run. The company will get the tab on this one. Next time it’s on you, I guess. It was good working with you. Yeah, twenty years is a long time.

Vaya Con Dios, Jack

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An Open Letter to Future Fathers

Miscellaneous Ancient Content

June 16th, 2002

Written on the eve of Fathers’ Day 2002 and sent to some close friends and family
I send this message to you because you are my closest, the people in whom I place my greatest trust. You are family, if not by blood (though most are), then by extension and by respect. You are also all potential fathers. As potential fathers, and on the eve of fathers’ day, I wonder for all of us whether this day holds significance beyond the noble (and much-deserved) tradition of honoring those men goodly enough to help bring US into the world. I wonder if it’s not a good time to reflect on what makes a good father, and, by extension, what makes us all good men. How can I take this opportunity that comes once a year and use it to my advantage, and to the advantage of any children that I may someday be lucky enough to have? Can I learn, through simple reflection, how best to earn, not demand, the love of my offspring? Is love enough to make a good father? Maybe it is. How about the ability to demonstrate, and thereby instill? Temperance, decency, honor, morality, love, fair-mindedness, openness, warmth, respect, competence–these are things that I have come to value, both through what I saw growing up and through what I’ve come to believe makes a person great in the eyes of those he loves. At some point, all that will be left of us will be in the memories of others. When that time is at hand, and even as those memories fade, we will have had a lasting effect on future generations, just as our fathers, grandfathers, and all the men up our lines have had an effect on us. I guess this e-mail is an invitation to reflect on how best to make the indellible marks we will leave positive ones–something that our children, not just ourselves, can be proud of, and better for. Thank each of your fathers for me, because in no small measure it is through them that you were forged, and through you that I have grown.
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Marianne Doesn’t Like Midtown

Miscellaneous Ancient Content

a modern fairy tale

Pulling up the collar of her coat against the breeze that warned of the coming cold, Marianne stepped into the street. How she hated midtown! Midtown with its airborne grit! Midtown with its people and their smug, world-weary grimaces. Midtown with its throngs of buildings taller than the sky, each filled with people with identical faces and identical jobs. Midtown, where the aristocracy is forced to mingle with the plebeians in the name of business. Although she dressed the part, Marianne was anything but comfortable here. She longed with every step to be in the small-town atmosphere of her Brooklyn town. There, the emotions that run rampant wherever people are forced to co-habitate in such close quarters are not masked by the ironic falsehood of good breeding or proper manners.

As the first drops of rain began to fall on her from the masonry-punctured sky, Marianne turned her steps southward. Soon she would be among the students of Greenwich village or the geeks in Sillicon Alley – she didn’t care which. There, she would stick out for her mode of dress but not for her lack of holier-than-thou attitude. There was a little pizza place down that way, and a boy worked there. Marianne would pop in on that rainy afternoon and have a slice while he finagled his way out of the rest of his shift. Then the two of them would disappear into the city, swallow it like an invisibility pill. He will be happy to see her. The breeze has turned to a wind that is pushing Marianne downtown. The rain will soon be a storm.

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In The Lobby – A Story

Miscellaneous Ancient Content

So the gorgeous girl that lives on the ground floor of my apartment building was checking her mail this morning and she looked so lovely that I just had to stop and talk to her. She was so carefully coifed and made up, each hair in place and each eyelash standing at attention, distinct and separate and dark that I just couldn’t pass her by. The way her tight, up-to-the-split-second-of-style, just-long-enough-to-hide-my-ankles-but-not-so-long-as-to-obscure-my-incredible-feet black pants hugged her figure and the way her blouse, a corporate-correct but still earth-shatteringly sexy garment hung over her torso made it impossible for me not to say something.

Now I have never been very good at this sort of thing. I’ve always been kind of the shy type, preferring to wait for just the right moment and just the right atmosphere before I tip my hand. That’s why my sudden, mindless determination surprised me. It’s good to know that you can still surprise yourself, even after such a long, monogamous relationship with just one personality. So I stopped on my way by her. I stopped and I mustered my voice. “Hi.” I said to her. “I’m Alex. You look lovely this morning. I know this great Japanese steakhouse in the city that I would love to take you to this evening, if you’re free.” She was surprised that I was talking to her, that much was clear in the seconds that she was taking to process my question and to formulate her answer. Her voice sounded like a choir of angels to me at that moment. I was reasonably sure that no woman this heavenly had ever before spoken to me. “I’m busy tonight,” she began. That was okay, I thought. There’s always tomorrow, Sunday, or even, perhaps, a weekday. And wow, she was talking to me. “And besides,” continued the bright shooting star of my existence, “do you know what they do to those poor cows before they end up a simmering, fleshy mass on your plate? It’s really inhumane. I could never eat something as innocent and undeserving as a cow.” With that, she quickly pulled on her mid-length, form-fitting, slightly-flared-to-allow-for-the-wiggle-of-her-perfect-hips leather overcoat and left me standing in the lobby.

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Closer Than Skin

Miscellaneous Ancient Content

like a mystery
a breeze
that blows soft
upon my face
you touch me
with the wind’s gentleness.

I can never be sure
I only know when you are there
and when you’re gone
but I cannot see you moving.

When my eyes open
and I cannot find you
my memory is uncertain
were you there?
did we touch
or did you just touch me?

When you are here
we speak no words
when I can feel you
we are closer than skin.

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Gettin ready for a change!


Its been a long time coming, but Im finally working on a new version of Clapboard. I cant promise that itll all work, but Im trying – Ive had some help getting the information from the database transferred over and now Im looking into ways to make the new site do what this site does and maybe more.

Well see.

Hopefully, the next five years or so (how long have we been on this software?) will be as great as the last five, site-wise, and will get even better.

Thanks for reading my stuff.

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First Harvest, 2009


And its done! This afternoon, Ill be eating the first tomato that Ive picked from the vines I’ve been growing in my own yard. Im excited. Its not quite a victory garden or anything, but its a step, and a nice way to get into growing on a small scale.

In the picture you can see that the bigger tomato is roughly the size of a tennis ball. Theyre very dense, and still quite firm. I have no idea if theyll taste good (secretly, I know very little about tomatoes), but I can imagine, based upon weight, color and the fact that I grew it with my very own love and affection, that itll taste amazing.

Ive kinda been getting into fruit trees, too, although theyre a much bigger investment of time. I think that if I have some fruits growing (next year – strawberries?), I can manage the longer-term commitment to a couple of trees pretty handily. Well see.

In the meanwhile, happy Friday, and I hope youre all looking forward to the weekend. Go to the beach, go hiking, and if youre on the east coast, stay out of the humidity. Seeing Harry Potter is a good way to do that – I want more people to discuss it with.

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Announcing BrownieProject.com


I finally have a place for the Brownie Videos.

You can finally watch them. The page has been in soft-launch for awhile now, but this is the first open, public announcement Im making.

Right now, all six Brownie Videos online, along with some special footage and commentary. Id love to recruit readers of Clapboard to provide commentary (or Brownie videos of your own!), but first and foremost, Id like readers of Clapboard to go check out BrownieProject.com. Tell your friends, tell your enemies. Tell your frenemies. Twitter it, put it in your Facebook status, make your default video on MySpace a Brownie Video. Spread the word. This is the only way other people who arent us will see these silly videos, and the only way theyll be able to spend two minutes enjoying the fruit of the labor of a small-but-growing gang of kids who work for brownies.

I want to extend my thanks to everyone whos worked on a Brownie video in any capacity – you guys make the magic happen. Anyone who hasnt been in one yet is more than welcome (expected?) to be in one. I promise that Im getting better, even if you cant tell by seeing the end result.

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Mike is visiting!


Mikes finally here!

Its like a mid-week long weekend. Were hanging out in LA for a couple of days, which is fun. He arrived yesterday, and we went into Hollywood for awhile, then to the LaBrea Tar Pits. A weird night out last night was also fun, but it made me tired.

Today, were going hiking up in the hills and then down to the beach for awhile, but only after a nutritious breakfast at the Good Neighbor. So woot to that.

In other news, I have a question. Why cant developers come out with some system tools for the damn Pre? I want an FTP device of some sort, and a remote desktop app.

That is all for now. More later.

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Michael Jackson, RIP


I guess he never really had a chance.

Its a shame that he died before this show – it was going to be a monster. I was proud just to be watching it and happy to be singing along. What a great gig that was. I wish the world could have seen this show at least once before MJ left – too much negativity still hangs on his memory.

Tomorrow, the Staples Center will be empty as if this all never happened. Anyone want to rent it?

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almost the weekend.


Whats everyone doing? Im working, so Im hoping to live vicariously through your experiences. For my end of the bargain, Ill bring you the latest and greatest MJ news, or at least anything thats not prohibited by my NDA. I wish I could post pictures, because man, everything looks so cool. I actually like things like this that arent yet finished – I think theyre often more attractive than the finished product.

I think that weird visual tick is somehow connected to my enjoyment of ruins – I really like visiting the site of former castles, I like the fallen-down houses in the woods back near where I grew up, I like urban decay. There was a story the other day about the possibility that cities were going to bulldoze-and-leave deserted parts of town for nature to reclaim, and while I think its not likely to happen on any large-enough-to-matter scale, the idea does present interesting potential. If there was a way to leave buildings standing but not attract vagrancies and crime, Id rather see that than bulldozing. How cool would half-reclaimed city blocks look?

Thats actually an interesting idea for a visual in my next script. I should start writing it in my “spare” time here at the Forum. Oh spare time.

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its already Wednesday


Sunday was Disneyland, then Monday, Yesterday and Today have all been long-ass workdays. Im slacking a little on my web responsibilities because Im working so much and the work I am doing feels like its all spinning my wheels – frustrating. Ah well.

At least I have the evening gigs to keep things novel. Im still trying to get everything right, so every song, every event is a challenge, but thats just a good reason that Im so tired. I havent even been going out – how weak is that? Tomorrow, though, Paul V spins covers at Stinkers, so Ill be doing that for sure. Fun times.

Also, why have weird spammers been signing onto my site over the last couple of days? It inflates my ego by making me think that people are interested in what I have to say until I realize that theyre probably just trying to spam links somewhere. Sad times.

If only I had trade secrets to divulge. The secrets I DO have, I will NOT divulge.

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I gots me an LLC


I should probably have a gigs topic these days. Man. Anyone feel like mocking up a ball-and-chain icon all web 2.0 style in PShop for me?

Anyway, I got me an LLC today! Me and Dave, doing Promptin Circumstance West, LLC. Effin sweet. Okay, well, all I did today was go through LegalZoom and pay for it, but still. Ill have paperwork theoretically in a few days. And for under a grand. Woot.

I also got a PO box today for all that work stuff. I need to get JVS back together as an entity, but thats a chorus for another song. Today is all about this thing. Im sitting here, waiting for MJ to show up and hoping to get out early, basking in the glow of corporate shell-dom. Heres hoping that this becomes one of those megacorps that hippies are always whining about. The megacorp of teleprompting. Teleprompting special interest groups, all funded by me. Yay for the ability to do evil.

In other news, Im going to Disneyland tomorrow for free.

Also, Ill probably unveil a new website on Monday. At least here. A soft launch – excellent plan! A few nerdy (and not-so-nerdy) folks can look first, before the intended rush of non-popularity.

Okay, enough of this. Back to my regularly-scheduled nerding around.

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Workin for a living


That title is a little misleading. Im working and Im living, at least. And Im working more than I have been recently, which is good. I still dont really have a life or do anything that would be considered interesting or blog-worthy (my awesome, NDA-hobbled afternoon gig notwithstanding, of course), so theres that.

I do love my Pre. Its badass. I fuckin wish it synced with Outlook. I wish the battery lasted a tiny bit longer, but thats about it. My Touchstone came in today, so Ill pick it up tomorrow and my charging issues will be addressed. Otherwise, I love the multitasking (which Im using without even thinking about it already, so thats good), I love the gestures and I really like the new keyboard. I dont know if Ill ever be a touch-typist on it, just given my huge-and-oafish thumbs, but Im already speeding up sending texts and such.

Other things:

  • I have tomatoes. Theyre Green, but growing. I should post a pic.
  • Em is helping me define what Ill be needing from an assistant when I finally get around to hiring one. I need lots of help on it, so thats good.
  • I cant stop listening to Nerdcore.

Enough with the twitter-style lists. Happy Thursday.

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So here we are


June Gloom has been quite the staple of life here recently. Its been raining a lot for LA, too (which is to say that its gloomy a lot and a few drops come out of the sky occasionally). This is manifesting itself in my life in the fact that I dont want to do any work. I love my new Pre, and I like what Ive done so far with MJ, but I havent done much. Web stuff has been like pulling teeth – its like theres something wrong with me. I even have THINGS to do. Man.

That said, Im happy to have those things to do, and I know Ill kick into gear here sooner rather than later and have a bunch of things going on at once, creatively. Ill have some web stuff to announce later in the week, I think, so thatll be good. At the present, theres slow movement on the Il Punali front, so thats good. Hopefully soon, well be able to put the retail site (back) up in a couple of weeks. Well see.

Okay, enough of this – Im getting psyched to get something accomplished. Almost time for lunch with Brad.

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Cool News


palm_pre_smNormally, the most exciting thing I could post on this site today would be about the purchase of my brand-new Palm Pre and about how excited I am for it, but today, things are a little different. Today I have something actually exciting to report.

I’m working with Michael Jackson.


Now, I”m not so sure what my NDA allows me to say, but for those of you who have been following my various entrepreneurial ventures over the past year or so can rightly guess. I mean, the man is in rehearsals for his shows in London, afterall. That”s not top-secret or anything.

Anyway, I”m super, super, super psyched, both for the way that this company is (finally) getting off the ground and for me personally, because I”m going to get to spend plenty of time in the presence of the King of Pop over the next couple of weeks. Effin” rad.

Anyway, more to come, like a review of the Pre (woo!) and some talk about the non-secret aspects of my current gig. Happy Saturday!

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Hi there!


Friendly neighborhood Matt here, checking in. Its been awhile, and Ive been working on websites. Im hoping to have more news and pictures soon, though.

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Software Installs


So Vista was a short-lived experiment. I broke it on Monday night trying to do a simple re-partition/boot record switch/OS install on a broken RAID5 array. I mean, jeez.

Anyway, Im on to Windows7 Beta, and thus far, its fine. It feels similar to Vista, although theres more candy coating and such. And I stuck with 64-bit in the stubborn hope that someday itll be better than its current suckiness. I keep thinking that the benefits have to entice programmers to write for it, and I keep being proven wrong. I think only Photoshop CS4 has a real 64-bit client, and before I reformatted, I couldnt make it open .png files anymore.

Speaking of Photoshop, Im wondering: am I the only person in the known universe who chooses the “custom” option on the installer and goes through and unchecks a bunch of stuff? Well, besides Scott.

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Lotsa Rocks!

I hadn’t paid attention to how many images were in the old “Coppermine” photo albums. I think the best thing to do is to attach them to each individual post as I come across them from inside the “Coppermine” folder, which I’m uploading now.
(…MO 2016_0729)

Pictures from Yosemite follow the break.  Lots and lots of pictures.