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Craigslist Charges Now?


Yeah, no.  What’s everyone using now that, after 20 years, CL is no longer an option for communicating with your fellow locals for gigs, sales and ideas?

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I need to be more careful with my things

Hardware, Rants

At some point in the last month or so, I apparently broke the filter on my main lens. Sucks, right? Yeah, we’ll, that filter was stuck today when I discovered it as I went to use my camera. I tried, and it wouldn’t budge. I used grippy rubber, and it just laughed at me. I grunted and screamed, heaved and hung my head. That filter would. Not. Fucking. Move.

More after the jump.

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lies i tell myself


It’s funny, as the new year dawned, I wasn’t thinking a lot about resolutions or what I might want to do differently, but now, a month in, I am.  Aside from knocking bicyclists from their seats if they ride on the sidewalk, most of my thoughts have been about myself, if they haven’t been entirely motivated by my own actions.  The long drive back from Portland this week gave me plenty of time to think about personal responsibility, and I’ve been musing on it ever since.

In this case, I’m thinking about responsibility as it relates to creativity. I can’t be creative by hiding from my responsibility to just DO it, you know?  That doesn’t work any more than hiding from our responsibilities makes us happy for more than just a minute.  You can ask any of us.

So I’m attempting to work through the “writer’s block” which is actually just me being lazy and avoiding my responsibilities.  Ask me Monday how it’s working out.

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it’s a good thing I like to put together furniture from Ikea, because I just put three drawers together inside out.  Complete with those nylon push-in “screws”.  Now I get to take them apart and try not to break anything.  I think I’ll take a breather first…

Edit: this is much funnier given the rest of the weeknd.

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Happy Birthday, Alina!

Extra! Extra!

It’s not a holiday yet, but someday, no doubt, we’ll look back and know when it all began.  It’s an incredibly exciting time to be me.

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Fixed it!

Extra! Extra!

well, shit!
I broke clapboard like a month ago trying to do some halfassed maintenance, and here’s what it gets me.  Basically 2013 was a wash, update-wise, since I wrote almost nothing at all, either here or elsewhere, but it would have been nice to get SOME things on board here.  I’ll update more in a bit, and I’m even putting together a scheme where I put up a bunch of photos from the world tour I just completed. Maybe some of that will get written now that I know I have a place to put it.

For now, from the porch at the Lyndoch Hill restaurant, I’ll sign off.

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I’m home!

Extra! Extra!


It’s Emily’s birthday, too, which is way more important than being home.

But I’m home, and it’s rad.

More to come, but I have to go nuke bots who’ve been signing up for the site and then not doing anything.

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May 10th again


May 10th is almost over here in Joburg, but I didn’t want it to pass unremarked.

It’s been 13 years since my dad passed away, and not a day goes by that I don’t think of him and miss him. He was one of the good ones.

new workbox
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Catching up and doing things wrong


new workboxSo as I troubleshoot with MWS at 530 in the morning, let me update a tiny bit because I’ve started slipping again in terms of updating Clapboard.

I’ve been to Philly and NYC since my last update.

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cleaning out my closet


Here’s a brief update to say that I’ve been cleaning things out and tossing things away over the last few days and this morning while waiting on a video to render, I found a minicassette recorder that I took with me on my first lonely cross-country drive.

my face
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Hi again


my faceSo it’s been another forever since I’ve updated again. It’s turning into a thing I do.

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The Resurrection of the Blog


I’ve been recovering from the collapse of my biggest, most important and, honestly, cherished accounts – MWS has, after a decade of ups and downs, moved on without me as their IT lead.

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July was a busy month!


I keep thinking about all the shit I have to write about and then never writing about it.  Go figure. Last month was really busy, actually, and there are all sorts of things I want to mention, but in true Clapboard fashion, I’ll do it in a list.

In July, I…

  • Travelled
    • Charleston, WV
    • Quebec City, QB
    • Atlanta, GA
    • the Sierras in CA
    • Las Vegas, NV
  • Hiked Mt. Whitney
  • Visited the lowest point in the Western Hemisphere
  • Ripped tons of old video to the computer (I’m still going through it all)
  • Prepped a Brownie Project (that I shot yesterday)
  • Went to mid-month Bootie

Maybe that’s not so much, but it certainly took up all my time.  And it’s already August.  At least I’ve started it on an up note with a Brownie Project on the second day of the month and a tentative BRANDED shoot for Saturday afternoon.  I also made some breakthroughs on the 3D Printer on Emily’s birthday, so August is starting off REALLY well.

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Workin for a Livin’


This week has just flown right by with nothing really of note to mention, it seems.

Ive been good about getting work done – after a couple of conversations with Shady K about re-dedicating ourselves to what we do, I haven’t really gone as far as I could, but I did manage to get real amounts of computer work done. I also started a new thing yesterday working for Neil Diamond, but thats weirdly temporary.

Ive done some organizing and catching up, and am pretty ready for the weekend, actually. Id like to get some editing done and maybe a script outline typed up, too. Well see how the weekend goes. Since UMBC lost at Basketball today (boo!), there arent any teams I could care about in the NCAA thing, so maybe Ill be working more this weekend than Id initially thought.

Anyway, I bet youre all just as ready for the weekend as I am, so Ill quit. Happy Good Friday everyone.

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Good Morning!


Whats up?

thought I was killing my blog like that guy from Wired blogged that I should do?


Im just not updating very often, you see. Its much better that way. Then you always *think* its dead without actually having to go to a funeral. Besides, we have the rest of KKs list to get through. Ill at least wait for that – I have to have something to listen to, right?

Weekend. Eagles won. Michigan lost. No trips, not too much money spent (go me!). Football this afternoon too. Zach and Miri was fine. Uninspired, and probably better had it been a drama (I didnt think of that, but the guy who did was right), but nice to see a Kevin Smith movie that doesnt involve the Jersey Trilogy.

Time to take my over-punctuating ass to work now. Gotta make the money – credits no good.

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I’m alive!



Nothing much has happened in the last 3 weeks, or else nothing that I want to write about.

last bonfire
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Final Fire


Bonfires in Glen Mills weren’t special occasions by design, they were mostly just times that Dad said “hey, we’ve got a lot of crap to burn” and I said “I want to burn it – don’t start the fire so early!” and he let me.

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So I’ve been on the teleprompter beat all week and it’s been tiring.

Well, the 7am calls have been tiring because I’ve been chasing girls or staying up late inexplicably, but I blame the work.

Groin Vaulting in the Cloisters
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At loose ends!


Groin Vaulting in the Cloisters

Groin Vaulting in the Cloisters




These are the ways I’m feeling right now, and that’ just stupid.