The days are just whizzing by. My computers USB ability has somehow been stunted since I installed SP2, so I cant post the long-awaited pictures of my staircase until I fix that problem. Since I dont have the energy tonight, Ill just deal with it tomorrow.

Ive taken to working 6-hour days on Fridays so I can get things done that need weekday time. Todays mission was to drop my car at the fix-it place. For those that dont know, my car was involved in a fender-bender on Friday the 13th while I was in NYC. Brad got run off the road by an elderly woman who couldnt see over the hill of whatever place she was exiting and wasnt going slowly enough for the exit, and he had to swerve to avoid her. Long story short, everyones fine, cars got some mad-expensive damage, on the order of $2000. Brads being really cool and taking care of everything, so its merely an inconvenience for me, but still, dropping my new baby off for its first service makes me a little nervous.

My stuff is slated to arrive on Monday morning, and Ive given them a committment to unload in an hour, so that should be fun. After that, next week promises to be a massive headache, and no mistake. Itll be JVS stuff in the mornings, DVD stuff all day, then unpacking and arranging all night until the break of dawn, then doing it all again until I just up and die. pathetic, right? How are there just not enough hours in the day? I mean, I want to see movies, go to the beach, make up some time at work, shop for my TV, sleep late, write my screenplay and do a million other small things and we all know Im not going to get even half of that crap done. I have to get a rental car before I do most of it, which is lame because I dont want to spend any more of someone elses money than I have to.