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As a family in maybe 1982 we visited Grandpa O and Edah at O’Haven in Upstate New York. I think this was the last time I saw him. My impression is that Edah took the photo of the family as it was at the time, but it may have been Grandpa O, I do not know. After the break I’ll put in all three pictures.

Someday, I need to figure out why I no longer get a “Read More” link because I suspect nobody really clicks through because you have to go to the top and click the post title. Let me look into it in the next couple weeks.

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Hobbies, Media

Just images of the sticker book I used to treasure as a very small child. Look for pictures of Michael Jackson, random 70’s football players and my favorite sticker ever, an oil-filled puffy butterfly.

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The Slow Scan

Pictures, Random Updates

It’s been time for a while now to start scanning some old imagery, writing and docs, both meaningful and trivial. I’m starting with more recent history, two 8x10s from two of our Halloween parties. I think there are pics here from those parties, but these are group shots that I came across in my slow attempt to Clean Shit Out.

After the break are two big ol’ pics, as expected.

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Sometimes I make things!

Construction, Media

After the break, I’m sticking in a weird 5.5-minute video about re-upholstering chairs that I shot yesterday and edited today.  I haven’t been as successful as I’d like to be with the whole creativity thing this winter, although I have been better.  Then again, I could hardly have been worse.

Anyway, I re-covered my dining chairs and they’re glorious. This project has been sitting for… 2+ years? Jesus. I may not be the world’s best upholsterer (but man, that’s a fun word to type), but it’s not hard enough that I fucked it up, either.  In the process, I took a lot of pictures and used my old GoPro to make a time lapse (time lapses being the primary use for GoPros since most of us who bought them are fat and lazy), and now I’m presenting it for your enjoyment. Or teasing. Because my voiceover skills really need some damn work. Or a script. Probably both.

Okay, enough of this. Click the title and tell me what you think!

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The sun kind of went away!


So there was this thing called a solar eclipse yesterday. The hype and my travel schedule almost burned me out, but at the last minute I put together three ND filters and a holder and went up to a parking spot on Mulholland to take a couple pictures. It didn’t occlude enough to really see with the naked eye and my filters aren’t dark enough to make the sun look like a cool red fireball, but there are some interesting ones here nonetheless.

I’ll just post ’em sans additional comment after the break, and you can tell me what you think in the comments. Per usual.

Also, Hi! I know it’s been awhile.

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I hate post production


Okay, I don’t hate it, but man, it can be tedious and frustrating.  Frustrating because my computer, good as it is, decides randomly to fail to analyze frames for Warp Stabilization in After Effects, but only randomly.  If it fails once, it might succeed next time, the 3rd or maybe the 5th try. It might also just work the way you expect it to, but only sometimes.  Tedious because when it DOES work, then I have to go through and remove 100’s of sync points by click-and-dragging around my actors every few frames and then waiting for the recalibration.  It’s taking me 90+ minutes to do this 27-second shot, which, admittedly, is a long shot, but still, more than 90 minutes.

The good thing about post production is that you CAN do all this stuff.  If I’m anal retentive and crazy enough, I really can smooth out the shaky footage I shot with my glidecam (the BMPC4K is just too damn heavy for it AND for my damn weak arms) and make it look way better.  And I’m learning all sorts of tips and tricks to make the stuff look a ton better in the final edit, so go me.

That all said, I have another mini-shoot scheduled tonight, so that’s good. one way or the other, I’ll be finished with this by then…

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Catching Shooting Stars


Last night, I went up to the Santa Monica mountains and tried to get pictures of the Perseid meteor shower.  While messing with my camera definitely affected my overall viewing ability, I had a great time trying it out.  I even got a selfie, as you can see above.  A handful of awesome pictures are after the break.

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JAZZMIN Vocal Band Videos!


Over the last month or so, I’ve been consumed by work on two videos for the JAZZMIN Vocal Band, a vocal group that includes at its core, my mom and Rod.

I went up to Vegas twice to shoot footage, once at a live event and once as a production day on a green screen where each singer came in in turn and performed his or her part.  The production went basically according to schedule, considering, and the footage looked good.  Changes to the project after the shoot as well as creative hangups and differences hindered the edit process, as did my own ignorance of certain key (and keying!) elements, but all of these got overcome or steamrolled and the project got finished.

I’ve cut a couple of Director’s Cuts to reflect more accurately the vision I had when I was shooting, and after the break, I’ll share them with you.

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I have 500px now


In a continuing effort to push myself to be creative in interesting ways, I created a 500px account.  I’m putting a bunch of sets on there, but right now there’s not much.  I realized that I don’t think of shooting in sets, but that I should, so I’m going to try to push myself in that direction by putting things out there that are set-based.  I’m not sure how it’ll work, but that’s okay.

Right now, you can see my 500px profile right here. There aren’t any nudes on there now, but there will be soon enough, so this is your warning that it won’t always be SFW content.

I don’t even have a header file yet!  I’ll get there…  Enjoy!
PS – I added the link to the OTHER PLACES TO FIND ME footer element, too. You know, because I can.

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Jess walks old-timey


JM_02-62Jess from MissMooreStyle was modeling some new finds for me the other day, and I shot a series of stills that, as I edited them, I thought might make a cute old-timey-lookin’ video.  Let me know whether I was right.

Video moved to after the fold for organization’s sake.  It’s still plenty cool enough to click through for.

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South American Snapshots


From the camera on my GalaxyS4, here are some pictures from my trip to South America with Bon Jovi!

Bootie NYE
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BootieLA NYE


So this thing was a bitch because there were a couple of corrupted frames (like 30) at about a minute and a half in.

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video editing


I’ve been in a weird mood to edit shit over the last couple of weeks, so much so that I find myself actually looking for ways to re-import some of my old miniDV tapes.

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NR Modelling


Cool 1-minute video of a hot girl in a bikini after the break. Clapboard needs more of this, and no mistake.

Thanks to NR for shooting with me again and to Pris for finding the music.  I want to do more of these, not only on the beach (although I do want that), but in the studio, on a mountain, wherever.

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Shooter McGee


iwasbranded.comI’m going to try to go down to the beach on the 4th to take pics of girls with lower-back tattoos, too.

the happy cast
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Brownie Project 7 – The Sleeping Bag Swindle


I also learned about YouTube’s current uploading system since I haven’t uploaded anything to YouTube in a very long time. It errored out the first two times I tried uploading the video, but the third time was a charm. Easy.

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finally saw BLACK SWAN


So.  I fanally saw BLACK SWAN.

Hot SwansAnd except for the hot, hot women playing the two lead female roles and the guy from (the under-seen and under-rated) BROTHERHOOD OF THE WOLF playing the ONLY male role, MOULIN ROUGE was a way better take on the musical-based tragedy genre.  I mean, there were some spectacular moments in the movie that I’m going to definitely watch again to see how they were done (was it digital bullshittery or clever mirror placement that made sure we never saw the camera, even when we should have?), but many of them were overwhelmed by the obviousness of the choices that Aronofsky made in the symbolism.  Really.

The rest of this review is now past the break because it kept growing to the point where it was awkward to keep everything above the fold.  Thanks for understanding.  And if you don’t want my opinionated take (and probably a spoiler or two), don’t click through.