Since I had already destroyed my week with my time off on Monday (and subsequent inability to move tuesday, so I couldnt work 10+ hours), and because I had to go in late because I had to transfer cash to my bank account to cover the mailed rent check, I decided that Id be better served staying home and working on my room all day, so thats what I did.

I couldnt get wood for a bookshelf into my rented Mitsubishi Lancer (totally weak car, by the way, but for the price, Im amazed that I have more than a bicycle), so I didnt build my bookshelf. That was the priority, but there were secondary and tertiary things that I needed to do, so I managed to keep very busy. The short list of things that took up my day:

  • Stained the staircase (note to self: shoulda done that before I built it)
  • Stained the Bickford Server table (needed a good coat of primer first, but didnt get one)
  • Built, stained printer stand
  • Built, stained TV stand
  • Moved TV into room, set up Kawasaki DVD changer and accompanying 5.1 surround system

    Thats about it, but it managed to take me until about nine at night to get it all done, at which time it was important that I go get myself showered before putting in an appearance at a friends birthday party. I only stayed for a minute, though, because this morning I got back on track for my usual 5:30am alarm & MWS work. Joy.

    No plans for the weekend, except maybe getting my USB ports to work and the always-failing beach trip. Well see how that goes, and Im sure Ill put up some updates (maybe photos, fnially, too) about my car (due back to me today) and about my progress finding my stuff a home.