Happy “holidays” in the truest sense of the word.

Peanut butter blossoms
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Peanut butter blossomsSo I’m in full-on grinch mode, but cookies usually make me feel better.

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Happy end-of-2011


I’ll be happy to see this one end, if only because of my mood at the moment.

Soup week is around the corner, though, and that’s more than enough incentive to get crackin’ on the new year.

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Merry Christmas!


It’s Christmas again – we’re reveling in holiday cheer here in beautiful, sunny Las Vegas.

I’m stuck in a bit of a debate with myself about whether to go home or stay here once the holiday is over, and I think you can help me with this decision.

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gender role reversal week


Here in the Cahuenga Pass, it’s traditional gender role reversal week!

For example, I’ve spent much of the day baking, or preparing to bake (or cleaning up from baking) a few loaves of bread.

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Quickie this year


Hope your holiday was as awesome as mine. Immediate family and lots of food was the order of the day for me.

Merry Christmas
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Merry Christmas Everyone!


Merry ChristmasFrom me, myself and I to everyone who comes here or reads on their feed reader – Merry Christmas.

This is the first Christmas of my lifetime that I haven’t spent at my parents’ house back east, and while I do love not being cold and being able to be at my own house right up ’till the day, it’s a little bittersweet to miss the fires in the fireplace and the folks that I’d always get to see when I was in Media.

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Happy Thanksgiving!


And, in true holiday spirit, Im posting Hate Speech.

While Im pretty sure the text about WW2 is fake, the idea just makes me giggle. And I think giggling is the way I want to spend the day before Thanksgiving. Oh, that and cleaning. Lots of cleaning. And cooking. Woo!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. Im off to clean then get Drew!