• The Eagles won today, in a game that I had to follow on the internet because stupid FOX-LA played a game by the Rams and the Saints, two teams whose PLAYERS would have rather watched the Eagles/Lions than their own game, but whatever. Considering that this is the first time Ive turned on my TV to watch programming, Im not encouraged. Moral: Yup, TV still sucks.
  • My financial situation is utterly dire. Simply disasterous. I must, have to, and am absolutely required to reduce my financial output in favor of more responsible fiscal policy. This includes developing a lot of pictures, eating out, and impulse purchases. Moral: A penny saved is a penny that can be used to pay down credit card debts.
  • The guy that runs PERFECT 10 magazine needs a manager for his social calendar. His “model boxing” party on Saturday, while stocked with hot girls and a video crew or two, wasnt a blip on the social radar here in LA, and it should have been. They didnt even stop me from taking pictures, which I did quite liberally throughout the event, unchecked. Moral: Taking fewer shots that I know arent going to come out well is a good way to reduce photography expenditures.
  • I didnt go into work today for the millionth weekend in a row, even though I tried. I will be earning less of that proverbial phat cash this week as a result. Moral: Work is unattainable on Sundays – shooting for Saturdays is much more realistic.

    I hope youve enjoyed my list. More bedroom pictures in my next update (not THAT kind, you perv!), and then maybe a picture of a girl punching another girl in the face. Well, in the facemask.