I did a little link surfing through LiveJournal last night (and even considered signing up for LJ years too late, just to comment on things), and got to wondering about the way personal web logs age. I see lots of neat personal sites dry up and blow away, and I wonder what the average shelf life for a website like this one is. Is it related to the stubbornness of the author? The fierceness of the authors desire to get his/her voice out there? The length of time in the authors life when theres literally nothing theyd rather be doing than posting musings and thoughts on a website?

Ive been posting crap online since fall of 1995, when I got to UMBC and learned that we had 5 megs of webspace that we could work with. I learned rudimentary HTML right quick and put some shit up. Sparing you the history lesson, its enough to say that there have been a lot of changes over the last nine years, both in the site and in my life, but the general theme has stayed the same. Nowadays, blogging is a verb, recognized even by many of the tech-illiterate, and lots of people do it. In 95, I certainly wasnt keeping a web log of anything in particular, but the seeds were definitely there.

Thats all on this one for now. Ive done laundry in the new washer (which is now hanging all over the house to dry because the dryer isnt hooked up) and Ive prepped my room for the landing of all my stuff tomorrow. Nothing exciting (although I am totally ready to spend another almost two grand on a great sofa/loveseat/armchair set) to report about the weekend, unfortunately, although I did see friend Kelly for her birthday dinner last night. I cant wait till everything is set up, running and happy – I know itll be awhile, but everything has to have its place, right? Thats the motto, and thats the goal.