I feel like I should write something, given that its the end of a weekend and all, but I just dont know where to start. Or how to continue.

September 11th came and went without fanfare – no one out here even remembered, I dont think. I guess theres no way to remember, but hanging a flag or something might have been nice. Something to say, “Hey, I havent forgotten the people we lost” or something like that. Whatever, I was stuck in Home Depot for an hour because their computers went down. Weird.

Cathy came yesterday afternoon with her friend Ty, and we spent about 24 hours watching movies, drinking wine, and generally just chilling out. (Why does “chilling” look all dumb when I write it out? “Chillin” doesnt look any better, either. Annoying.) We went to the beach today (yay!!!) and I got a little red, although I suspect that with a couple of showers, Ill be good as new. Theres certainly no pain, so thats good.

I finished my bookshelf this afternoon, and took one of my lights off the wall where itll go. I have to get a hand bringing it in when its dry, so thatll probably be tomorrow after work. I feel like Im getting very close to not having to work on my house all the time when Im not working on making money – its getting to be a rather liberating feeling. Tough week this week, though, because I didnt go in all weekend, I need more hours and tomorrow is going to start late (damn banks and their non-auto-transferrance policies!). Weak. Must perservere, though, and work harder than I want to, just to make me the cash. The cash, yeah, the cash.

Very dirty, must shower. Having derranged thoughts and bad ideas. Cleanliness will purge me of the insanity. What should I name my movie recommendation section?