Pre History

Some really, really old shit…
The newer of this ancient stuff is from the last version of clapboard that I wrote myself.
A lot of the content is out of order and some of the images are missing, but at least most of the stuff is there (including stuff I’ve been manually transcribing from a SQL dump from 2009). Who knows how much is lost (a lot!), but at least some of this stuff has managed to survive through to the present day.

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The Log – 2002 Edition, #4

Pre History

September 2nd – November 12th, 2002

The last time I worked with flat files, I was pretty proud of myself as you can tell from the last (top) post done the old way.

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The ancient Web Board

Pre History

This was the olden days of web boards – the Fong Device, if I remember right. Only the Post Titles remain because I don’t think I archived the messages before moving, blowing up, or otherwise destroying the board they were on and moving unceremoniously to a PHP-based board.  But I save these because, well, why not?

The absurdly-long merged board is after the break.  Back in 2002 when I posted this originally it had to be done in nine parts, lest I break the internet.  Nowadays, breaking the internet is slightly harder, so you can scroll 9 times longer.