Most of you know all this stuff and all of you know some of this, but I was writing an e-mail to a friend of a cousin this morning and realized that I had just said something interestingly close to an autobiographical blurb for the back of a book cover.

I’ve been in LA about 6 months now, having left NYC after four years.

While I did love New York, I found that two things were true: first, that I loved making movies and second, that I don’t want to be a hired gun in the production office for the rest of my life. I did a little more than three years in production back there, and learned a lot, but ultimately, I need to believe I’m working towards something bigger, that I’m making connections that will eventually allow me to create.

So… LA.
I figured Id come out here, take a couple steps down what I hope will be a bigger ladder, and sort of start over again. Ive been writing to pass the time, working at a few jobs here and there, trying
to get my foot in the door, to meet people and make connections. And that’s where I am. In fact, this might be the most coherent, concise version of the “matt moves to LA” tale I’ve yet written.

Weirdly like a mantra or something. Am I missing anything? I wrote the first ten or so pages of my screenplay yesterday and ate a free preview meal at a new restaurant where a friend of mine is working. Tasty. Now I’m going to work, where I will lament my foolishness and attempt to coax myself into staying long enough to guarantee myself a decent paycheck in three weeks. Ive never been good with delayed gratification, though.

Lastly, Happy Birthday to Shaun Barry and Amanda from Linthicum. Its been years since I’ve spoken to either of these people, but that in no way lessens their positive impact on my life. Thanks for being born, guys.