Random Updates

If I don’t know where to put it, you can find it here.

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Didja miss me?

Random Updates

I know blogging for the sake of blogging is dead, but I still kinda like it, so I’m going to try it again.

Since my last update, I’ve traveled a lot of Europe, been to Petra and the Jordanian desert for the first time, visited Kiev and Chernobyl, and just dinged Executive Platinum on American Airlines. Wacky. I haven’t been home much, but that’s what this fall is for. I’m excited that it’s football season, angry at the Eagles for predictably sucking, and generally looking forward to the fall (as soon as South America is done).

What should I do in Lima for a day? When should I get back east? Will I ski a lot this winter? Camp? Make things? Hopefully yes to all of them and maybe I’ll even do some updates about them.

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I want this graph paper

Random Updates

My dad used to bring it home from Boeing VERTOL in Philly, back when it was still just an outpost of one of many. Now, I have no idea where or how to find it, but I want some. I’ve wanted some for a long time, but until this morning, I didn’t know any existed in my life untainted and still essentially perfect.

I suppose I could have it printed and bound myself, but that wouldn’t really be perfect, would it? Anyway, if you know anything about this mysterious (and awesome) graph paper, please let me know. I’ll update here if I find anything myself.

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The Slow Scan

Pictures, Random Updates

It’s been time for a while now to start scanning some old imagery, writing and docs, both meaningful and trivial. I’m starting with more recent history, two 8x10s from two of our Halloween parties. I think there are pics here from those parties, but these are group shots that I came across in my slow attempt to Clean Shit Out.

After the break are two big ol’ pics, as expected.

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New Things Are Coming

Random Updates

It’s been too long, Clapboard.  I’m coming back to creating things, even if it’s just long, breathless rants about nothing.  Time to get creating again, and putting words on paper (figuratively) is the best way to get started.  No specific plans, but it’s happening, folks.

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Unexpected busy-ness

Random Updates

Unexpected business?

Yeah, so that’s good.

The holidays are always busy, expensive and fraught with uncertainty, and this year isn’t any different, it turns out. No steady work? No problem – there’s always something going on, and sometimes the shit even pays.  I might not get a paying job in December, but then again, the month is young and life is crazy. By way of example, it’s the 6th and today is my first day “off” of the month, and by Friday, I’m back to running about again. Better take advantage while I can!

Videogames, content creation and sleep.  Those are the goals.

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As always, it’s been too long

Random Updates

Life’s been weird the last six months.  I’ve done a lot of thinking about travel, some actual travel (including my first cruise?) and some shooting recently.  Let’s see if I can keep the new shooting trend going, because between gigs, I definitely want to be shooting more, and doing something about it (and learning a lot in the process) is actually really fun. More writing to come, too.