For a weekend where I didnt do anything, the last two days certainly flew by.

Saturday, I spent the morning catching up on e-mails and writing that Ive needed to do, then I played Ghost Recon all afternoon. I forgot how fun that game is. Also, I forgot how bad I am at it. Yesterday, I watched the Eagles win again (although I had to go to a bar at ten oclock in the morning to do it), then went to a meeting at one. The meeting was about this story that a friend of a friend is trying to turn into a movie, and theres funding, but no plot. Thats where nine hours of my day went yesterday, and even if nothing comes of the work we did, it was nice to spend that time brainstorming, nice to have that outlet. It was a learning experience, as well, because there are a lot of sensibilities that I feel like I need to perfect to work with various types of people in various settings and I got only a little taste of that yesterday.

Today is work till about five, then home for football on my new satellite system. Ill also write most of the treatment that were working on, and then try to get to bed early so I can get up and write some of my own screenplay tomorrow morning. What an exciting life I lead, right?