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Damn busy


Working my ass off at MWS, moving things, planning the network,
etc. Its surprising how long just planning the installation
takes, knowing what power has to go where, what network cables have to
be how long, etc. Ive been here 12 hours today after 10 hours
yesterday, and thats too much. Its well past dinner time and my
blood sugar is super low, but at least Im making money. Anyway,
a "real" update is pending, maybe after weve moved chairs and Ive
hooked up some computers. Thatll be tomorrow, I think, as 9:30
is too late to start moving computers. Too late indeed.
What a way to spend a Friday night.

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Happy Birthday Sharon!


Happy Birthday, girl!  How are you spending your birthday? 
Are you playing hooky from school?  You *should* be playing hooky
from school!  You should be playing hooky from school and coming
to LA to hang out, you see.  Really, though, you should wait until
I move into my swank new home.  Hopefully soon.  Will I see
you in just over a week?  I hope so.  I hope your birthday is
awesome, even though its in the middle of the week.

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busy days


Ive hardly been at my desk the last two days except to be yelled at,
so I havent had time to update the old clapboard. Im glad to
see that everyone is taking a look at my new digs and that the
reactions are generally positive – the last thing you want to read
after agreeing to take an expensive new place is "What the hell were you thinking?!?"

Anyway, Im trying to come up with a plan for Relativity and how Im to
make the best of that, and its starting to come together. I
think Ill have something cogent after talking to a few people and
spending more time in quiet reflection, like a monk. You know me,

Tomorrow night I fly to New York. Tomorrow day, I buy computers,
and how. Gotta get em and get em there in time, or else what
the hell, right? Tomorrow, I also scan the sketches that I did of
the house, imperfections and all, so you can see the layout a little
better. Itll compliment the pictures. Andrew pointed out
that I didnt take any shots of the views out the various windows, so
Ill be adding some of those someday, too. This weekend is MWS
and getting cable run, etc. for their new offices. Big things
there. Considering all the trouble I got in (indirectly) for
going at all, I need to make sure I make the best of this trip.
If youre in or around NYC, you need to be hanging out with me the
whole time, including not going to work or whatever so we can chill.

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Quick weekend things


Its only 8:45 and yet Im almost too tired to type, so this is going to be quick.

  • I took pictures of what is very likely to be my house. Theyre in the Photos link.
    Check em out and get back to me. I want feedback, especially if
    its positive because I have no idea who Ill be living with and no
    idea how Ill afford the extra $150/month.
  • Last night was almost drinking alone, but then Steph and I
    connected over our awful week that just finished and we went to the
    Dime. En route, Brad texted me to come in and give him a hand, so
    I worked, too, even though it was slow and we didnt make much money,
    it was worth it. Its fun to work there occasionally.
    Making, not losing money on a Saturday night is a pretty sweet deal.
  • Tonight I saw the last of my best picture nominees. Munich.
    I know why it wasnt reviewed all that well. What was with the world
    trade centers in the background? So clear and so obvious, and yet
    so anachronistic. Why not have them e-mail the terrorists?
    Someone please explain that to me.

Im in NYC at the end of the week next week, so thats good, although
Im burning through vacation days that Im going to want to take during
very specific times, so Ill have to be careful about them from now
on. Im going to bed now, though, because even though its early,
Ill hate my life tomorrow if I dont at least try to catch up from
last nights debacle. The upside of it is that I think I have a
movie to consider, so thats something. I cant even put it into words
yet, though, so dont ask.

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Dual Birthdays!


Two-For-One day on Clapboard!

Happy Birthday Klee!

You may be a day younger than Justin, but dont take it too hard – youve lived enough to fill that days difference.

Happy Birthday Dani!

Off to Vegas tomorrow for the weekend to celebrate the birthday with
your girls – have you ever heard of anything quite so SoCal?

Two friends of mine that dont read Clapboard, but who are friends of mine anyway, both born on the same day! Weird!

Tonight is no going out, just staying in after dinner with Kelley,
drinking beer and surfing for porn on the internet. Or maybe Ill
watch a movie. Or maybe Ill read a book that Im supposed to be
reading for coverage. Im obsessing about my living situation,
and Im obsessing about having to buy five grand worth of computers
(where am I going to get that money???) and Im obsessing about how
miserable this week was and how Ill manage to make it better next
week. Too much obsessing – it doesnt fit me at all. Ive
gotta get my ducks in a row, my shit in order, my head on straight and
make everything better, and soon. The house thing will
help. Having the computers thing out of the way will help.
Then its job, job, job, something I havent concentrated on in way too
long. Ive done some sporadic stuff, but nothing worthwhile,
unfortuately. Soon. Very soon.

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Comfort food


After a day like today, nothing beats comfort food. Mac &
Cheese with 2 hot dogs (all beef Ball Parks, a la Andrew) and real
cheese mixed with the fake cheese is what its all about. I have
a novel to read, but I think I might just go to sleep instead.
Well see. But yay for comfort food.

Justins Head
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Happy Birthday Justin


This is Justin standing on the porch of the Manchester in South Sea Village. I’m pretty sure he didn’t want me taking his picture. Points to me for taking it, though, as I’ve always been bad at that sort of thing. I have one of me from that summer where I’m standing next to this girl I had a crush on (Ellory?) in some crazy shorts with my socks pulled up to my knees – I’ll scan it sometime I have more time. The roll of film that these pics come from was lost for years, discovered and sent for developing and printing when I was trading rooms with Emily summer before college, so there’s a lot of image damage on the full shots which manifests itself in this picture as weird darkness in the image.

Justin on the Manchester porch
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long weekends are the best


Even though the housing market is extremely depressing, that was a small blip on an otherwise-awesome weekend. Moms visit reminds me how lucky I am to have the family that I do. Yesterday, though, I did some AV work at Woody’s place and thought a lot about housing – about the fact that I’m going to have to rent again and for a long time, it’d seem, about how I have to find and finalize a place in short order – my trips to NYC in the upcoming weeks are really going to get in my way in terms of finding a worthwhile place. Work stuff has been a lot on my mind recently, too, and its been increasingly
tough to be where I am, feeling like I can do so much more. It’s coming time to prove that, but its not easy to find a way to do that.

Its cold out, but Im off to climb the hill.  Brrr. 45 isnt shorts weather, and yet….

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Moms here and were hangin out…


Not much to post about yet, but yesterday was largely about real estate. The houses that I want to buy in Hollywood are like $750,000. thats like $4500/month in mortgage payments.  Imagine what the taxes must be. So we looked at another place that was more in my range, but youd have to tear the house down and rebuild completely to make it worthy. Were going to go look again anyway. This is how bad the housing market is to me.  Oh, life is stupid. But with my mom visiting, the only thing that bothers me is the rain. Again, its raining all weekend while shes here. Can you imagine? Of the four days shes been in LA, its rained 100% of them.

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Where are the folks who challenge you?


People who can talk about more than the immediacy of their lives dont
seem to exist in LA, or else theyre so fleeting that they disappear
before you can even say their name. "Once there was a dream that
was Rome. You could but whisper its name, any more than a
whisper and the dream would die." Something like that. Eh. Capacity for abstract thought people – learn it, love it, live it.

Valentines Day Heart
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Happy Valentines Day


Valentines Day HeartHappy Valentines Day!

As I sit and eat stale Tostitos and drink beer by myself at my computer, I wonder if I could be having a less romantic
Valentines Day. Maybe if I was in jail. Of course when
your house is under a demolition permit and you dont have enough money
to get out, its sort of like a jail. Thank god for my cell
phone, pretty much. No cell phones in jail.

I didnt really update about my time with Casey in Michigan – suffice
it to say that I had a really good time. It was awesome to get
out of LA for a little while, and the time absolutely flew by. We
always seem to try to cram too much stuff in to too little space, it
seems, so we never get everything done. Maybe we just dont have
enough practice. Seems likely. Assuming that she can make
it out for the summer, well practice fitting in things that we
plan. Maybe well also have to practice surviving without sleep
to get it all in, but you never know.

The last couple of days have been slow at work, and today I broke through a barrier and got new client pages up and running on Joint Venture Systems.
With password-protected directories for every client, Ill be able to
update people on what projects are where with a little more central
authority, and I like that. Good stuff. I even ressurrected
a script that used to run on Clapboard back in the day – the log
updater script that I chisled from the slab of marble that was the Fong
Device back in 2002. Ive always been such a geek that it hurts
me to think about it. That said, the hack job I did was strong
and basically ran without incident once I had the correct root path and
path to perl. Im proud of myself.

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its snowing in Michigan


Just thought Id update about the snow even though theres nothing to
really say about it. I havent seen any actually falling in a
long time. W00t snow., w00t UMich with Casey. More later.

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Quick pings


Two things for your Tuesday night.

Thing A:

Ive been keeping informal track of the cars that park next to me in
the garage (unlike the formal track I keep of my weight or of how much
water Im drinking during the day) and Ive noticed a disturbing
pattern. Four of five days a week, the people I park next to when
I come home at night are still there in the morning when I leave for
work. It doesnt seem to matter much if i get home early or late
or in between – no one ever leaves but me. What does that mean? It should mean
that Im busy having fun and working hard, dedicated to whatever Im
doing, but neither thing is true, as Im neither having fun nor

Thing B:

Im tired. Probably because Im tired, Im annoyed that the world is full of button-down, small-minded,
fear-driven, no-inspiration hacks whose loftiest goal is nothing greater than the mere continuation
of their meandering lifestyles.

Thats all for now. Its all about the work again tomorrow.
I wonder if Im not getting towards the end of my uncreative phase –
Im noticing telltale signs that make me think that maybe I am.
Im going to ride this wave and see to which beach it takes me.
If I dont like that beach, Ill thrash about like a beached whale
until I can get back in and swim. Stupid fucking metaphor – sorry.

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Bootie & Bowls


So Bootie LA was fantabulous, first of all. It would have been way better with someone that I knew, but as it stood, it was fun. Id love to go back, but it seems like Im fully incapable of being in the Los Angeles area at the beginning of any month. Bootie has been on since the beginning of October and Ive only now gotten to go once. Next time Ive even got an opportunity to go is April. Unreal.  Maybe Ill go to SF in March to Bootie SF.

Second of all, how rigged was last nights Super Bowl? I mean, Ive got no interest in either team, really, but Ben clearly didnt cross the goal line (the BALL didnt, although his helmet did), there were two consecutive offsides plays, and a few other things Im too forgetful to remember right now. I mean, Pittsburgh was supposed to win, but not like that. Other than the obvious fix, it was a pretty boring game, really. Good thing a bunch of people were over to watch – that was pretty cool.

This week is a short one, as Im off Friday for Ann Arbor! Im excited to see Casey, and even though I cant live like the college kids anymore Ill give it the old college try. In the meanwhile, I have to meet with a couple people and try to figure out how much of myself Im going to put into various projects, and where that extra Matt is going to come from.

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Happy Birthday, Mom!


Todays the day!

Happy Birthday, Mom! I wish we could all be there to spend it
with you, but the fact that the NFL decided to fete you by throwing a
special game is pretty nice one way or the other.  Its also not
bad that they didnt schedule work or school today, too. And just
think, in just a
couple weeks, youll be here, so we can have a very-belated birthday
dinner then, if youd like.

I hope that today is a great day for you, full of love and happiness,
and that you can spend the day just exactly how youd like to. I
love you, and cant wait till youre visiting. Happy Birthday!

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Thinking about opportunity


I have it, you have it, we all have it. Does it make you sad when you miss out on it? Only if you know youre
missing out, right? I think I carry around the general belief
that were surrounded with opportunity, and it takes events like
tonights (nothing particularly unique, that much Ill say) to make me
really think about it. I have a lot of experience not quite being in the circle, not quite being
in the crowd, and its an interesting place to be. On one hand,
its lonely when you know that things are going on of which youre not
a part, but on another hand, its liberating to know that youre not
constrained by the rules of whatever world you dont quite
inhabit. I know a lot of people think that if they just follow
those rules, theyll get in, but I dont think it works that way.
You can dress the part and talk the part, but youll never be in the
high school "in" crowd unless you have that ineffible thing, right? Its a metaphor, but it works well enough.

I think that Ive been feeling just behind the curve recently, and
thats a sort of new thing for me. There are always situations,
of course, but I think the last few months have been generally that
way, and its unsettling. I dont know how to go about catching the
front of the wave, but its something Ive gotta learn, I think, or
else I think Im in danger of going under and staying there.

Holy mixing of metaphors, Batman! I think Im tired, what do you think?

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Happy Birthday Katie!


Happy birthday! 2006 looks like its shaping up to be a big year for you, and youre taking it by storm, even if you are barely
old enough to vote! Heres hoping that this year brings the best things
yet for you and that today specifically brings you success in your
apartment hunt.

On a related note, today is the day Russ met his wife – happy unofficial two-year anniversary, you two.

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Is it Friday yet?



This is love, my friends.

And that was for Steve. Id love to say that K had my back, but she actually did it first.
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Clapboard Updates


Just a quick and random update – Clapboard has been updated to the
latest and greatest in terms of software running the site. Okay, its
not the very latest – version 7.9 requires payment and Im waiting
until V8.0 has all CSS goodness before I pay for PHP-Nuke, but you get
the picture. Version 7.8. Probably, no one will notice a difference,
but if theres a problem or anything, please feel free to let me know
and Ill fix it ASAP.

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The Count would love today…


“One, Two, Three… Ha, Ha, Ha!”

Sorry. January 23rd is a weird day. Like Pi day.

Weekend was nice. Went to the beach to watch Christmas trees burn, which was pretty cool, then Kara got locked in the bathroom, which was hilarious, even though she didnt think so at the time. While I was hunting down someone to spring her from her prison, some high school kids came by and sang her Kumbya in a round to cheer her up. Pretty freakin sweet.

Yesterday, I had a preliminary meeting about getting a loan to buy a house. I dont know how itll all work, but it means that I cant buy a motorcycle yet again, and Im really frustrated. I know that there are certain times of sacrifice and all that noble bullshit, but I want a motorcycle about 500000 times more than I want a house, and I cant get one because a motorcycle is a bad idea and a house is a good idea and my time for bad ideas is over. Bad ideas were fun, though, and thats a shame. Mostly, Im frustrated because I know Im not going to be able to get a house, so Ill be renting again in a couple months and Ill have wasted yet more time without a bike. But, on the 5% chance that Ill even qualify for a loan, I have to be responsible. Or whatever passes as responsible.

Lets see… climbed the hill yesterday but didnt got to the Farmers Market, went down to somewhere far south with Kieran on Friday night, despite my exhaustion. Nothing of note, really, and yet Im noting it. Today, I have a proposal to finish and some grocery shopping to do. I washed my car and read the Wired Technology Top Ten List, which features Andrews work at #3. Its sweet.

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bullet-point updates


A few things that have gone on too long without note:

  • I put my Cali tags on my car. Im finally a CA citizen, I guess. I should post a picture.
  • The job thing is still in limbo. Nothing to report.
  • There was unexpected movement on the fileserver front this weekend, and now theres something running in the house. Why I always do this immediately before I move to another place is beyond me, but whatever. No logins or security of any kind yet, but Im working on it. Baby Steps. Get the thing up, then start building walls around it and structure for it, right?
  • Nothing on the apartment front, either. Ive been looking, but with no success at the moment. Anyone know of a great apartment in my neighborhood thats coming up for rent?
  • Im having a preliminary “home buying” meeting with an aquaintance who does this sort of thing for a living tomorrow. Lets see how it goes. Im a fool for even going, knowing that Ill leave heartbroken, but still, gotta try new things, and at least then, Ill know what my options are.
  • Im excited that New Horizons launched. I watched that thing blast off the launchpad faster than anything Ive ever seen before – it was really something. Why dont we hear a sonic boom when its going that fast? If I were in a hot air balloon, would I hear one?
  • Thats it for now. Maybe more later. Thanks for reading.

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    Happy Birthday Mike!


    Twenty nine years old… 29. Happy Birthday, old friend. I hope youre calling in sick and spending the day with people you love. Its not every day that a guy begins the last year of his twenties, right? I wish I could be there to pop a cork and celebrate with you, but next time Im in New York will have to do. I do look forward to hearing about how you spent the day, and I hope that the coming year fulfills more promises than the last 29 combined.

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    roller coasters of facial pain


    Sorry its been a long time since my Saturday update, but its been quite a lame few days, and I hate updating just to bitch and moan. Mostly thats what this is going to be, just in case you want to skip it. Sorry.

    My tooth thing got worse on Saturday, then slowly and steadily better, until I ate like almost normal yesterday. That was until 5am today, at which point the pain woke me (again, for the first time since Saturday night) and I had to take another Alleve that I have been keeping by my bedside. That didnt help in the 13 minutes I had until my alarm went off (strategically designed to give me two snoozes, but Ive been re-setting it recently because Im lazy and stupid), so I got up and went to the bathroom to take 10 minutes for my eyes to adjust to the bright friggin light and finally look at my mouth. Nothing to see but blood, unfortunately, and Im not sure what that means. Last time I did the picking there certainly wasnt any blood.

    Its very annoying because going to the dentist is the last thing I can afford right now. I find myself entirely out of money again and its only because I paid all my bills in January. I have no safety net at all – only debts – and all I can think about is quitting my job. Im miserable there, and they havent even thought about giving me a bonus, which at one happier point I thought I might be able to spend on a motorcycle. Now all I can think is that it might pay for whatever dental work I may need or maybe some rent or something. And I have to come up with security deposit for another place I have to rent? By when? When was I going to have time to think about that?

    So, to recap, its 5:30 in the morning. Thats pretty much all I can say. Im exhausted from getting less than 5 hours of sleep and disheartened because if I quit my job, Ill have nothing and very shortly be out on the street. If I dont quit my job, I have a little more time before Im out on the street.

    Sorry for the lame post. Id like to start a thread in the forums discussing the stupid shows I watch, but I cant imagine that anyone else watches them (except Love Monkey, which is Russ show and should have earned a mention YESTERDAY if only I hadnt been so self-centered and depressed about starting my week so miserably. Also, it wasnt miserable but kind of cute). Ah well. Maybe Ill do that later. For now, its time to work more. As if I have anything else to do.