So Bootie LA was fantabulous, first of all. It would have been way better with someone that I knew, but as it stood, it was fun. Id love to go back, but it seems like Im fully incapable of being in the Los Angeles area at the beginning of any month. Bootie has been on since the beginning of October and Ive only now gotten to go once. Next time Ive even got an opportunity to go is April. Unreal.  Maybe Ill go to SF in March to Bootie SF.

Second of all, how rigged was last nights Super Bowl? I mean, Ive got no interest in either team, really, but Ben clearly didnt cross the goal line (the BALL didnt, although his helmet did), there were two consecutive offsides plays, and a few other things Im too forgetful to remember right now. I mean, Pittsburgh was supposed to win, but not like that. Other than the obvious fix, it was a pretty boring game, really. Good thing a bunch of people were over to watch – that was pretty cool.

This week is a short one, as Im off Friday for Ann Arbor! Im excited to see Casey, and even though I cant live like the college kids anymore Ill give it the old college try. In the meanwhile, I have to meet with a couple people and try to figure out how much of myself Im going to put into various projects, and where that extra Matt is going to come from.