Two things for your Tuesday night.

Thing A:

Ive been keeping informal track of the cars that park next to me in
the garage (unlike the formal track I keep of my weight or of how much
water Im drinking during the day) and Ive noticed a disturbing
pattern. Four of five days a week, the people I park next to when
I come home at night are still there in the morning when I leave for
work. It doesnt seem to matter much if i get home early or late
or in between – no one ever leaves but me. What does that mean? It should mean
that Im busy having fun and working hard, dedicated to whatever Im
doing, but neither thing is true, as Im neither having fun nor

Thing B:

Im tired. Probably because Im tired, Im annoyed that the world is full of button-down, small-minded,
fear-driven, no-inspiration hacks whose loftiest goal is nothing greater than the mere continuation
of their meandering lifestyles.

Thats all for now. Its all about the work again tomorrow.
I wonder if Im not getting towards the end of my uncreative phase –
Im noticing telltale signs that make me think that maybe I am.
Im going to ride this wave and see to which beach it takes me.
If I dont like that beach, Ill thrash about like a beached whale
until I can get back in and swim. Stupid fucking metaphor – sorry.