Even though the housing market is extremely depressing, that was a small blip on an otherwise-awesome weekend. Moms visit reminds me how lucky I am to have the family that I do. Yesterday, though, I did some AV work at Woody’s place and thought a lot about housing – about the fact that I’m going to have to rent again and for a long time, it’d seem, about how I have to find and finalize a place in short order – my trips to NYC in the upcoming weeks are really going to get in my way in terms of finding a worthwhile place. Work stuff has been a lot on my mind recently, too, and its been increasingly
tough to be where I am, feeling like I can do so much more. It’s coming time to prove that, but its not easy to find a way to do that.

Its cold out, but Im off to climb the hill.  Brrr. 45 isnt shorts weather, and yet….