Valentines Day Heart

Valentines Day HeartHappy Valentines Day!

As I sit and eat stale Tostitos and drink beer by myself at my computer, I wonder if I could be having a less romantic
Valentines Day. Maybe if I was in jail. Of course when
your house is under a demolition permit and you dont have enough money
to get out, its sort of like a jail. Thank god for my cell
phone, pretty much. No cell phones in jail.

I didnt really update about my time with Casey in Michigan – suffice
it to say that I had a really good time. It was awesome to get
out of LA for a little while, and the time absolutely flew by. We
always seem to try to cram too much stuff in to too little space, it
seems, so we never get everything done. Maybe we just dont have
enough practice. Seems likely. Assuming that she can make
it out for the summer, well practice fitting in things that we
plan. Maybe well also have to practice surviving without sleep
to get it all in, but you never know.

The last couple of days have been slow at work, and today I broke through a barrier and got new client pages up and running on Joint Venture Systems.
With password-protected directories for every client, Ill be able to
update people on what projects are where with a little more central
authority, and I like that. Good stuff. I even ressurrected
a script that used to run on Clapboard back in the day – the log
updater script that I chisled from the slab of marble that was the Fong
Device back in 2002. Ive always been such a geek that it hurts
me to think about it. That said, the hack job I did was strong
and basically ran without incident once I had the correct root path and
path to perl. Im proud of myself.