Sorry its been a long time since my Saturday update, but its been quite a lame few days, and I hate updating just to bitch and moan. Mostly thats what this is going to be, just in case you want to skip it. Sorry.

My tooth thing got worse on Saturday, then slowly and steadily better, until I ate like almost normal yesterday. That was until 5am today, at which point the pain woke me (again, for the first time since Saturday night) and I had to take another Alleve that I have been keeping by my bedside. That didnt help in the 13 minutes I had until my alarm went off (strategically designed to give me two snoozes, but Ive been re-setting it recently because Im lazy and stupid), so I got up and went to the bathroom to take 10 minutes for my eyes to adjust to the bright friggin light and finally look at my mouth. Nothing to see but blood, unfortunately, and Im not sure what that means. Last time I did the picking there certainly wasnt any blood.

Its very annoying because going to the dentist is the last thing I can afford right now. I find myself entirely out of money again and its only because I paid all my bills in January. I have no safety net at all – only debts – and all I can think about is quitting my job. Im miserable there, and they havent even thought about giving me a bonus, which at one happier point I thought I might be able to spend on a motorcycle. Now all I can think is that it might pay for whatever dental work I may need or maybe some rent or something. And I have to come up with security deposit for another place I have to rent? By when? When was I going to have time to think about that?

So, to recap, its 5:30 in the morning. Thats pretty much all I can say. Im exhausted from getting less than 5 hours of sleep and disheartened because if I quit my job, Ill have nothing and very shortly be out on the street. If I dont quit my job, I have a little more time before Im out on the street.

Sorry for the lame post. Id like to start a thread in the forums discussing the stupid shows I watch, but I cant imagine that anyone else watches them (except Love Monkey, which is Russ show and should have earned a mention YESTERDAY if only I hadnt been so self-centered and depressed about starting my week so miserably. Also, it wasnt miserable but kind of cute). Ah well. Maybe Ill do that later. For now, its time to work more. As if I have anything else to do.