“One, Two, Three… Ha, Ha, Ha!”

Sorry. January 23rd is a weird day. Like Pi day.

Weekend was nice. Went to the beach to watch Christmas trees burn, which was pretty cool, then Kara got locked in the bathroom, which was hilarious, even though she didnt think so at the time. While I was hunting down someone to spring her from her prison, some high school kids came by and sang her Kumbya in a round to cheer her up. Pretty freakin sweet.

Yesterday, I had a preliminary meeting about getting a loan to buy a house. I dont know how itll all work, but it means that I cant buy a motorcycle yet again, and Im really frustrated. I know that there are certain times of sacrifice and all that noble bullshit, but I want a motorcycle about 500000 times more than I want a house, and I cant get one because a motorcycle is a bad idea and a house is a good idea and my time for bad ideas is over. Bad ideas were fun, though, and thats a shame. Mostly, Im frustrated because I know Im not going to be able to get a house, so Ill be renting again in a couple months and Ill have wasted yet more time without a bike. But, on the 5% chance that Ill even qualify for a loan, I have to be responsible. Or whatever passes as responsible.

Lets see… climbed the hill yesterday but didnt got to the Farmers Market, went down to somewhere far south with Kieran on Friday night, despite my exhaustion. Nothing of note, really, and yet Im noting it. Today, I have a proposal to finish and some grocery shopping to do. I washed my car and read the Wired Technology Top Ten List, which features Andrews work at #3. Its sweet.