Two-For-One day on Clapboard!

Happy Birthday Klee!

You may be a day younger than Justin, but dont take it too hard – youve lived enough to fill that days difference.

Happy Birthday Dani!

Off to Vegas tomorrow for the weekend to celebrate the birthday with
your girls – have you ever heard of anything quite so SoCal?

Two friends of mine that dont read Clapboard, but who are friends of mine anyway, both born on the same day! Weird!

Tonight is no going out, just staying in after dinner with Kelley,
drinking beer and surfing for porn on the internet. Or maybe Ill
watch a movie. Or maybe Ill read a book that Im supposed to be
reading for coverage. Im obsessing about my living situation,
and Im obsessing about having to buy five grand worth of computers
(where am I going to get that money???) and Im obsessing about how
miserable this week was and how Ill manage to make it better next
week. Too much obsessing – it doesnt fit me at all. Ive
gotta get my ducks in a row, my shit in order, my head on straight and
make everything better, and soon. The house thing will
help. Having the computers thing out of the way will help.
Then its job, job, job, something I havent concentrated on in way too
long. Ive done some sporadic stuff, but nothing worthwhile,
unfortuately. Soon. Very soon.