A few things that have gone on too long without note:

  • I put my Cali tags on my car. Im finally a CA citizen, I guess. I should post a picture.
  • The job thing is still in limbo. Nothing to report.
  • There was unexpected movement on the fileserver front this weekend, and now theres something running in the house. Why I always do this immediately before I move to another place is beyond me, but whatever. No logins or security of any kind yet, but Im working on it. Baby Steps. Get the thing up, then start building walls around it and structure for it, right?
  • Nothing on the apartment front, either. Ive been looking, but with no success at the moment. Anyone know of a great apartment in my neighborhood thats coming up for rent?
  • Im having a preliminary “home buying” meeting with an aquaintance who does this sort of thing for a living tomorrow. Lets see how it goes. Im a fool for even going, knowing that Ill leave heartbroken, but still, gotta try new things, and at least then, Ill know what my options are.
  • Im excited that New Horizons launched. I watched that thing blast off the launchpad faster than anything Ive ever seen before – it was really something. Why dont we hear a sonic boom when its going that fast? If I were in a hot air balloon, would I hear one?
  • Thats it for now. Maybe more later. Thanks for reading.