Ive hardly been at my desk the last two days except to be yelled at,
so I havent had time to update the old clapboard. Im glad to
see that everyone is taking a look at my new digs and that the
reactions are generally positive – the last thing you want to read
after agreeing to take an expensive new place is "What the hell were you thinking?!?"

Anyway, Im trying to come up with a plan for Relativity and how Im to
make the best of that, and its starting to come together. I
think Ill have something cogent after talking to a few people and
spending more time in quiet reflection, like a monk. You know me,

Tomorrow night I fly to New York. Tomorrow day, I buy computers,
and how. Gotta get em and get em there in time, or else what
the hell, right? Tomorrow, I also scan the sketches that I did of
the house, imperfections and all, so you can see the layout a little
better. Itll compliment the pictures. Andrew pointed out
that I didnt take any shots of the views out the various windows, so
Ill be adding some of those someday, too. This weekend is MWS
and getting cable run, etc. for their new offices. Big things
there. Considering all the trouble I got in (indirectly) for
going at all, I need to make sure I make the best of this trip.
If youre in or around NYC, you need to be hanging out with me the
whole time, including not going to work or whatever so we can chill.