Its only 8:45 and yet Im almost too tired to type, so this is going to be quick.

  • I took pictures of what is very likely to be my house. Theyre in the Photos link.
    Check em out and get back to me. I want feedback, especially if
    its positive because I have no idea who Ill be living with and no
    idea how Ill afford the extra $150/month.
  • Last night was almost drinking alone, but then Steph and I
    connected over our awful week that just finished and we went to the
    Dime. En route, Brad texted me to come in and give him a hand, so
    I worked, too, even though it was slow and we didnt make much money,
    it was worth it. Its fun to work there occasionally.
    Making, not losing money on a Saturday night is a pretty sweet deal.
  • Tonight I saw the last of my best picture nominees. Munich.
    I know why it wasnt reviewed all that well. What was with the world
    trade centers in the background? So clear and so obvious, and yet
    so anachronistic. Why not have them e-mail the terrorists?
    Someone please explain that to me.

Im in NYC at the end of the week next week, so thats good, although
Im burning through vacation days that Im going to want to take during
very specific times, so Ill have to be careful about them from now
on. Im going to bed now, though, because even though its early,
Ill hate my life tomorrow if I dont at least try to catch up from
last nights debacle. The upside of it is that I think I have a
movie to consider, so thats something. I cant even put it into words
yet, though, so dont ask.