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Yet another writing thing…


Clapboard is starting an experimental project, or a projecty experiment, and of course we turn to your creative brilliance in our time of need.

We want to write a great work of fiction. But we can’t do it alone. Hell, we can’t do it at all. So we want you to do it for us.

The executive summary, the abstract, the in-a-nutshell:

We will start a story and pass it around to all our friends. Each person will write a section with only a very limited idea of what precedes their immediate chunk of narrative. When everyone who is interested has written something, we will cobble it together and unveil it to the world. Then we will laugh. Or cry. Depending.
The full report, the unabridged document, the outside-a-nutshell: We (that is the royal “we” by the way) will collect the email addresses of everyone who is interested in writing a section of the story. The order in which you write will be determined by the order in which we receive an email from you letting us know you’re interested. We can’t say how long you’ll have to wait for your turn, because it depends on how many people want to do it and how long they take to write their sections (but never fear, there are guidelines).
When your turn comes, you will receive an email that contains none of the story save the tail end of the previous person’s contribution. This will be your starting point, and from the moment that email lands in your inbox, you will have 48 hours to crank out your own addition to the story and mail it back to us.
Of course, with no restrictions at all, this would turn out to be some kind of study in prose dadaism. It may become that anyway. But in an effort to provide a little continuity, we are going to lay down some ground rules both for the story and the process.
-There are two characters that have to be present somehow in your chunk of story. One is Rachel, a 25-year-old woman, and the other is Kimchee, a pet African Gray parrot (http://www.african-gray-parrots.com/african-gray-parrots-links.htm) that is usually in her company. Please do not kill either of these characters, unless you happen to get the last section of story (we’ll let you know), in which case you can do whatever you want.
-Make some effort to respect whatever information you get from the previous person’s section of story. Feel free to take it in a new direction, just don’t flat out contradict what they’ve just said. (Refer to the “yes, and…” principle of improv comedy here if you don’t see why this is important).
-Aside from these restrictions, anything goes as far as plot development, characters, setting and style. The world is your proverbial oyster.
-The amount of a story section that will be forwarded to the next writer is at the editor’s discretion. Don’t worry, we won’t give you something totally useless.
-The maximum word length for your section is 200. This does not include whatever words you have from the previous section.
-You will have 48 hours to respond once we send you an email saying that it’s your turn. If for some reason you can’t write your section in this time frame but still want to be included, drop us a quick email and we’ll tack you on to the end of the list. If you don’t respond in 48 hours we skip you for good.
-This whole thing could take a while, which will get boring if you’re spending your days staring out the window, dreaming of a chance to write. With this in mind we will provide regular updates at http://clapboard.org so you can track the project’s progress.
-Once the story is done, it will be unveiled on Clapboard for all to admire. If this experiment is actually successful, there will definitely be another round.
This is the official kickoff. The story itself will start making its rounds in the next couple of days, as soon as we get a few takers. We may suspend production for Thanksgiving, but if so, things will resume Monday, December 2. You can email us any time during the process with questions, misgivings, diatribes, or withering comments.Interested?
Aw come on, we know you are! Be a part of something that will likely be great and terrible in equal measures. This might even be your chance to enter the annals of internet legend!Send an email to ### from the address at which you want to receive your correspondence and we’ll hook you up.
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If you havent gotten it in your inbox, drop me an e-mail and Ill send you a copy of my finished screenplay, ending months of insane diatribes about how much i should be writing, etc…. Im happy to finally have it done, anyway. Now I just look for thoughts and opinions while I make some copies and get my pitch together.

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whisper down the lane


So last night, Megan and i spent quite awhile discussing her idea for a “telephone”-type story that adults could do. We decided that doing such a thing via e-mail with a moderator, a few rules and an opt-in group of writers would be best and that it would probably even work. cool, huh? So soon, well be posting/e-mailing out a massive request to get writers for this project.

In the meanwhile, Im going to be working on my own new project a little, hoping to start witha solid and interesting introduction to one of the characters. Also, I have to get my script printed out to PDF today–thats the next step towards getting it produced. Sometimes the little steps are the biggest pains to take.

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thoughts and opinions


so the new site is running smoothly, right?

Cool. Youll notice things moving around (which side is the poll on today, everybody?) and others appearing and disappearing as I try out new bits and pieces for the site that I hope will enhance the user experience. In a lot of ways, its hard for me to give up almost all of the control over the sites look and feel because Ive been married to HTML for so long, but the response has been generally positive, so that makes things easier. Please be sure to hit the board to tell me about things that you like/dont like about the new site as well as things youd like to see here. Thats how Ill make things better.

Im coming up with an idea for a new story that Ill try to tell in serial fashion here on the site as well. As if Im not doing enough writing here, right? But the Journal option is just too sweet to ignore and really seems ripe for some serialized fiction in the near future. Maybe weekly updates or something will fit into my lifestyle… I wonder.

Buffy tonight, and perhaps a pre-Buffy drink with Hannah–well have to see. Now its time for some writing or maybe some Hitman–I cant decide which. Before 9 this morning Id achieved Silent Assassin on 2 levels. Since then, its been time to catch up on the news and on the communication. Now? Maybe more videogames. Man, being unemployed is great.

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New location for rotating pictures


For the time being, the “Click of the week” feature will be in the Photo Album section of the site. Ill keep a couple of pictures in there on rotation, moving the oldest out to make room for whatever new one I decide needs to be there.

Right now, the first picture is up–a shot of my siblings, Jared, Katie and Kristin at Justins wedding. The shot I got of them designed for this site was just a little too bad to post, unfortunately. But this ones great. So enjoy.

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and so it goes


This was just one of those weekends that was so largely positive that I cant really define it properly, and for that, I am sorry. Justins wedding was beautiful, flawless and amazing–the joining of two people that are obviously meant to be together. It was a great honor to be included, not only as a guest but as a participant, a member of the wedding party.

I also got to see family this weekend–the first time my whole family was in a house together since July is never a bad time. Besides immediate family, there were the Sylvas represented in 75% force, all of the Whaleys and Nana and Papa, who, although they hate SE Pennsylvania and Northern Delaware for all the ways its not Syracuse, made the effort to come and were appreciated for it.

I made Katie help me with yardwork, of which we got oodles completed, we had a fire or two and I got to spend a little time doing a bunch of little things that I miss, like appreciating the silence. It makes me think, however, about the time when I was going home all the time (since Im home three out of four weekends in November) and thats not so good. It helps me to understand that everythings not perfect, that, while I know itll never be perfect, its got a long way to go before it gets to as good as it can be, and thats unfortunate.

Anyway, thats a rant for another time. Im coming up with an idea for a story that I can write in some sort of serial manner, and thats cool because I havent thought about writing like this in a long time. Maybe something will come of it, maybe it wont, but its worth thinking about.

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Back to the Philly


So this morning begins Philly trip #2 in as many weeks–only this time theres no trip to Syracuse to make things weirder. Only raking and stacking wood and maybe a little mowing.

Right. So, umm, yeah–Im in the wedding party (which is awesome because I know Ill want Justin in mine, should there be one) and hes marrying a wonderful girl named Tricia, so theres happiness all around. If you think of it, think good thoughts for Justin & Trish on Saturday as they officially begin their life together.

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Welcome to the NEW Clapboard!


Thanks for stopping by the all-new clapboard.org!

Im really psyched about the changes here, everything from general layout to features have changed, and everything should, in time, be easier to navigate and figure out.

Logging in now makes you an integral part of the site, allowing you to change the look of the site with a click of your mouse and putting you in touch with everyone else that uses the site regularly. Your account also will allow you to check your POP mail from the web (enabling, for the first time, webmail for clapboard addresses, even!), keep a journal and vote in polls that I intend to keep running on a regular basis.

So look around, take your time, ask questions. Im here to help, should you need it–just post on the boards. And should you find various things not working at random times, check again in a few minutes, Im probably just working on that particular feature. Thanks for coming.

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Prague Pictures

Miscellaneous Ancient Content
It’s amazing how much formatting has changed over the years.  I’m trying to keep this one as similar to the original post method as possible, and that means tables.  Sorry.
(…MO 2016_0729)

Prague pictures
9 shots and some corresponding captions

Okay, so you know I went to Prague. I posted about it on my Log many moons ago (it seems), and now I have scanning technology at my disposal and nothing to scan (liar!), so I thought I”d scan some pics. They”ve all been optimized for the web, which means that they”re only slightly less huge than they”d be otherwise, so good luck viewing them. If you like, be sure to let me know on the board. Enjoy.

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Homage to Browns Terrace

Miscellaneous Ancient Content
These posts are a lesson in how even digital data gets lost, recycled, deleted and filled with digital noise over the years.  I know a lot of it is because some translation software somewhere just didn’t work quite right, but sometimes I try to go through and pick one or two posts to clean up and make slightly more legible.
(…MO 2016_0729)

Huge page – 7 collages

Some people in these pictures are woefully underrepresented and some, ridiculously over-represented, but, taken as a whole, the collages here are a good representative of the people that helped to make my particular tenure in Baltimore so amazing. I”m not naming the people here (and I”m not even sure that I could, anymore), because to name them would mandate explaining how they fit in, and that”s just impossible. So look. Enjoy.

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The Log – 2002 Edition, #4

Pre History

September 2nd – November 12th, 2002

The last time I worked with flat files, I was pretty proud of myself as you can tell from the last (top) post done the old way.

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The ancient Web Board

Pre History

This was the olden days of web boards – the Fong Device, if I remember right. Only the Post Titles remain because I don’t think I archived the messages before moving, blowing up, or otherwise destroying the board they were on and moving unceremoniously to a PHP-based board.  But I save these because, well, why not?

The absurdly-long merged board is after the break.  Back in 2002 when I posted this originally it had to be done in nine parts, lest I break the internet.  Nowadays, breaking the internet is slightly harder, so you can scroll 9 times longer.