So its sort of common knowledge that I dont remember my dreams very often. I have a little jealousy-residue, in fact, whenever anyone I know posts something about dreams that they had or starts a conversation with “I had the craziest dream last night…”. I just want to be a dreamer, too, but somehow, the ability has escaped me.

Until the other night. Starting like, probably Saturday night, Ive been dreaming and remembering my dreams in increasing amounts and intensity. I was in the mall with Kelleys dog the other night and driving on the PCH in my car, which was somehow a convertible on Saturday night. Last night, though, takes the cake. I had dreams ranging from disturbing to surreal, with a brief stop in what I think might have been lucidity. I dreamt that I woke up from dreaming and had just slept through an earthquake of 9.3. In my dream I was trying to determine whether I could still be dreaming, so I looked at the cracks in my walls to see if theyd gotten bigger (they hadnt) and then I measured the door frame at the top and bottom to be sure it hadnt shifted. It wasnt till midway through the doorframe thing that I realized that I had to still be dreaming because who the hell measures doorframes to determine structural integrity post-earthquake?

There were more, too – I think I dreamed literally all night. I didnt wake up tired, but I may be over-saturated (can a mind be oversaturated) before the day even starts. What the hell, man. Sleeping has always been about wiping the slate clean for me, and when youre having weird dreams all night long, youre not wiping the slate clean, but adding to it. Maybe its what I need. I havent been eating anything right before bed (at least not anything different than usual) and I havent really changed my routine at all, at least so far as I can tell. Weird.

In other news, I have no other news. No internet yet (trying to fix that this week) and no computer parts. Im waiting on both so that I can start working on getting everything together to send to MWS. Still havent finished my script (although I may write some tonight, actually), and havent gotten the call together with the LAKE CITY crew. I dont even know if Im going to be that involved, honestly. Id like to be, but well see what comes out of the various forces pulling on the script. I just dont want to be one of them. Okay, Im off to work.