It feels pretty stupid to complain about rain, but this city just isnt cut out for this kind of weather. Radio says that weve gotten ~31″ already and the most rain ever recorded in Los Angeles history is 38″ back in 1882. Were on a record-setting pace, I guess. Seattle has had 15″ of rain this year and has sun forecast for the entire week. Seattle, Washington.

Setting records for rainfall is fine with me, except when my mom comes out and we get rained on the whole time. So much for beautiful, sunny California, right? Sucks.

That said, though, we did a pretty good job managing to keep our schedule busy and rain-free. The weather cooperated pretty well while we were walking down the Pier in Santa Monica, sitting on the rocky beach north of Malibu, wandering around Universal Studios, and walking on Rodeo drive. We got rained on at other times (notably when we were walking to/from dinner on Sunday night and home from the car on Saturday night), but it mattered a lot less then than it would have at other times.

So it was a good time. It was good to see my mom. Im glad to have had her here despite the rain, and next time, itll be sunny.

In other news, I spent yesterday tearing apart my rooms technology installation, only to put it back, eventually, to the way it began. I did get the beginning of the new machine done and the infrastructure for the servers installed, so thats good. I was really tired all afternoon, too, so I worked rather slowly.

Short weeks never feel short to me, so I dont anticipate racing towards the weekend, except when it comes to getting personal stuff done. I feel better this week, which is good, because I was sluggish and dumb last week. This week, if I can get enough sleep, maybe Ill be speedy and dumb, instead. Yay for that.