Its been a busy week, despite being a day light on the workload, and I already find myself at Thursday, gasping for breath. What have I accomplished? Well, lets let the dust settle on the week first. Here’s an overview of whats been going on and what I believe is still to come.

  • Monday off: excellent. Relaxation, dinner with a friend, cleaning the room. The room looks good.
  • Tuesday: they started tearing apart my bathroom. Steve came to visit Tuesday night, which was awesome. Its always good to see old friends, especially ones that have goals and plans for getting there – its inspiring. Inspired or not, I was ready to pass out when we finally decided to stop talking and get some sleep.
  • Yesterday was taping Klee’s performance at the fourth weekly Common Grounds comedy spectacular. Good things. Well be putting together something that she can use to show promoters as she tries to get back into doing comedy in bigger venues. It didn’t go that late, but I had some sleep catch-up to do.
  • Today I pack for the NYC, and get my notes together for MWS. Also, I go to sleep early, if it’s at all possible. Maybe write some coverage.
  • Tomorrow I fly!
  • Saturday is Breakfast with Russ, work all day, then dinner/drinks with some of the Old Guard, whoever’s going to be around.
  • Sunday is Brunch, Eagles football somewhere, dinner at Arirang, and then flying home. How’s that for my schedule?

If I had an assistant that was better at arranging things than I am, Id make more things happen, fit more in. Unfortunately, I’m my own assistant, and I’m stuck with what I can accomplish in a day. I’m looking forward to going to NYC, but I’m dreading it a little, too, because a lot has to fall into place to make everything work out as Id like it to.

One things for sure – I’m watching the damn Eagles, wherever I may be.Ive taken to posting certain things on the Boards that in the past I may have posted here, or else thematic things that I expect to update as time goes on. I doubt that things are more interesting there than here on the front page, but you never know.