There has been a lot of writing going on for the last couple of weeks (although, as always, not as much as there should be), and today is the day to talk about some of it.

  • Russ’ first draft of Lake City is complete and we’re off and running. We’re basically in a situation where we need to get everyone on the same page, production-wise as well as story-wise. It’s cool, because this is a very likely project, something that’s got a good chance of getting to the screen, and so we want to be as smart as possible.
  • My Superhero project is coming along nicely. I will never be the writer Russ is, but I’m still perservering, putting paper and pen together, getting pages out. It’s like therapy, and when it’s done, I can point at it and say “look – that’s something I wrote.” It’s not coming out exactly the way I’d like it to, but that’s why there are drafts, I guess. Writing at the Dime the other night turned out to be very beneficial, actually, and I think I’ll start doing it more often.
  • the Mars project with Drew is ready to treat. Its been a long time since I’ve written a treatment, so I’m being slow, but I think I can make it happen shortly and get it to Drew for revisions. We’ve completed a very long process of back and forth with the outline and finally have something very stable that gets us to the heart of the story were trying to tell.

So things are happening, even if they are happening slowly.