Right behind the RIAA. And thats only because theyve sued more grandmothers, children and dead people so far. Were trying to catch up, though. The Chicago mafia has nothing on us!

Besides a mean propaganda campaign to make people think that copyright infringement is stealing, theres also the court-sidestepping, lawyer-retaining, lie-spreading tactics that the MPAA is using to “protect” its property.


While it is currently illegal, copyright infringement is not theft. Calling it theft is, generously, wrong, and usually a purposefully-misleading statement that the copyright-protection industry wants us to parrot. Usually, its a lie told by the MPAA/RIAA to try to convince us that someone is losing something. Whenever someone helpfully points this logic-disconnect out, theres always someone in the peanut gallery who says “but youre not spending money that you would have otherwise spent on a product! Good idea, but not really a valid excuse. Its like an owner of a TV repair shop complaining that the TV repairman down the street is “stealing” his business. Its an appeal to the emotions, but a fallacy – theres nothing to steal.

Eh, whatever. I was all fired up about this rant this morning, but Im better now. Now Im just interested in reading Syracuse-kids screenplays and giving feedback. Then Ill be interested in writing some of the damn treatment that I should be writing. Effin procrastination.