I bought a couch.

Point of fact, I bought a living room set, if a living room set is merely a couch, loveseat and chair. Theres no coffee table, no end table, no floor covers or lamps, but there are certainly plenty of places to sit. Were going to go from open spaces to Plenty of Seating. No more camp chairs in front of the largest TV in Hollywood. Silliness, all of it. Whatever. When you see my couches (Ill take pictures for those of you unwilling or unable to come see them in person), youll understand why its so silly. But hey, weve got couches.

Otherwise, the weekend disappeared. I worked on MWS site this weekend, then at the Dime as a barback (like being a PA in a bar – someday, Ill have been a PA in just about every kind of place imaginable – more on this later). The money wasnt great, but I didnt do much work, either. Anyway, thats the extent of my weekend, because Sunday was enveloped by sleeping late (i have no self discipline), buying couches, writing coverage and playing CivIII with Kelley (who knew she was an old-school Civ geek?). If my internet connection is back up at home tonight, Ill do more internet work. If not, Ill write coverage and get my ass reading more scripts. Gotta keep busy, theres a lot to pay for.