Now that Im out where the sun sets over the ocean instead of rises over it, I think a lot more about time zones than I used to. In the past, my time zone thought was relegated to the infrequent times when I needed to cross one, and the slightly-less infrequent times when I needed to call to a different one. Id go through phases when Id call all over the place, but generally, I just called the Eastern Seaboard.

Now that Im out here, things happen all the time that make me think about the difference. Some examples: Sharon sometimes visits the site so early in the morning that I might as well still be up from the night before (yay for teachers early schedules). I arranged a call the other day with Tokyo, LA and NYC, spanning 2 days, because it was morning in Tokyo and late the night before in NYC. Here, it was evening. Often, Ill send someone an e-mail and have to be conscious that theyre likely gone for the day because theyre back East somewhere. Its all very strange.