Spilling mere lines onto page 104, the first draft of the Superhero Project is finally complete!

Im going to go immediately into the revisions that Ive been intending to make anyway, only putting the script aside to breathe once the first revision is done. Coming back to it after that should make it a little easier to do a real re-structure/re-write if I feel I need to. I knew I got off track on it earlier, but didnt want to go back to fix things. I wanted to focus on getting the pages down and now that I have them, I can revise. Well see how it works.

The notecards didnt help me the way I would have liked them to, but it was good to have a structure to go back to on a regular basis when I forgot where I was. Ill try something different next time and maybe eventually, Ill find something that works for me. If you generally get scripts from me, expect one sometime soon.