As promised (threatened?), the weekend update.

  • Flew the Redeye on Friday night. Didnt have any time to do anything fun (like writing) in the airport because I only waited about 20 minutes. Barely got Wired open, in fact, before I had to get on the plane. Sat in the middle, next to an Indian man and a college girl named Lauren. Mostly, I tried unsuccessfully to sleep. When they lit up the cabin (which they did frequently), I read Wired.
  • Landed at 5:15. Shared a cab with College Lauren to Russ & Laurens apartment, where I could find Russ. I showered (because the shower in my house was still broken), and then Russ and I went to eat breakfast. This was 6:30.
  • From 9 to 8, basically, I worked for MWS, and managed to fail to install RAM for them all the while. I did, however, find TightVNC extremely useful. Exciting. Also got the shipping computer set up and other various things accomplished. Yay me.
  • Everything else was cancelled due to snow, so I unexpectedly went to Houston Catherines party. It was also unexpected, in that fun sort of way. I ended up staying longer than Id anticipated, mostly because her friends were cool (and partly because I was planning to sleep on her couch). End of Saturday.
  • I managed to get up just before noon on Sunday, and got to Mike & Heather’s around 1:30 (trains delayed due to snow?). There was quite a bit of snow, anyway, and that made trudging around everywhere fun. Bay Ridge denizens take better care of their sidewalks than their northern neighbors in Park Slope. This is from a study of post-snow morning snow removal efforts that I managed to squeeze in this weekend.
  • After a pathetically-short time just hanging out, Mike, Heather and I went to the Salty Dog to watch the Eagles (yay!). Shortly, we were joined by Russ and Lauren and the trip was complete. Mike, Russ and myself sharing a table was a sight to behold.

We defeated round after round of food, just as the Eagles defeated the Falcons, and Russ and Lauren got back on the train for Civilization. I had to bribe a car service to take me to the airport and thought for sure the guy was going to kill us in a snow patch, but we managed, and I checked in without incident. The plane was delayed till 12 and didnt land till after 3, and I only discovered that Id lost my keys when I was standing in front of my door at almost 4am.

I am a loser.

So that’s the weekend in a nutshell. The loser list includes Jen for putting a weekly martial arts class before seeing me and Li for not calling at all. Harsh. But asking someone to put the money where the mouth is really lets you know where you stand on their ladder, and I’m actually not surprised. There’s more, but they’re all minor players that haven’t been bugging me to call them whenever I’m in the city next. Ah well.

Now I must leave work – but first I have to get Ryan on a call. Yay for having work to do. Keeps me eating. Sometimes.