Whats everyone doing? Im working, so Im hoping to live vicariously through your experiences. For my end of the bargain, Ill bring you the latest and greatest MJ news, or at least anything thats not prohibited by my NDA. I wish I could post pictures, because man, everything looks so cool. I actually like things like this that arent yet finished – I think theyre often more attractive than the finished product.

I think that weird visual tick is somehow connected to my enjoyment of ruins – I really like visiting the site of former castles, I like the fallen-down houses in the woods back near where I grew up, I like urban decay. There was a story the other day about the possibility that cities were going to bulldoze-and-leave deserted parts of town for nature to reclaim, and while I think its not likely to happen on any large-enough-to-matter scale, the idea does present interesting potential. If there was a way to leave buildings standing but not attract vagrancies and crime, Id rather see that than bulldozing. How cool would half-reclaimed city blocks look?

Thats actually an interesting idea for a visual in my next script. I should start writing it in my “spare” time here at the Forum. Oh spare time.