That title is a little misleading. Im working and Im living, at least. And Im working more than I have been recently, which is good. I still dont really have a life or do anything that would be considered interesting or blog-worthy (my awesome, NDA-hobbled afternoon gig notwithstanding, of course), so theres that.

I do love my Pre. Its badass. I fuckin wish it synced with Outlook. I wish the battery lasted a tiny bit longer, but thats about it. My Touchstone came in today, so Ill pick it up tomorrow and my charging issues will be addressed. Otherwise, I love the multitasking (which Im using without even thinking about it already, so thats good), I love the gestures and I really like the new keyboard. I dont know if Ill ever be a touch-typist on it, just given my huge-and-oafish thumbs, but Im already speeding up sending texts and such.

Other things:

  • I have tomatoes. Theyre Green, but growing. I should post a pic.
  • Em is helping me define what Ill be needing from an assistant when I finally get around to hiring one. I need lots of help on it, so thats good.
  • I cant stop listening to Nerdcore.

Enough with the twitter-style lists. Happy Thursday.