Sunday was Disneyland, then Monday, Yesterday and Today have all been long-ass workdays. Im slacking a little on my web responsibilities because Im working so much and the work I am doing feels like its all spinning my wheels – frustrating. Ah well.

At least I have the evening gigs to keep things novel. Im still trying to get everything right, so every song, every event is a challenge, but thats just a good reason that Im so tired. I havent even been going out – how weak is that? Tomorrow, though, Paul V spins covers at Stinkers, so Ill be doing that for sure. Fun times.

Also, why have weird spammers been signing onto my site over the last couple of days? It inflates my ego by making me think that people are interested in what I have to say until I realize that theyre probably just trying to spam links somewhere. Sad times.

If only I had trade secrets to divulge. The secrets I DO have, I will NOT divulge.