I finally have a place for the Brownie Videos.

You can finally watch them. The page has been in soft-launch for awhile now, but this is the first open, public announcement Im making.

Right now, all six Brownie Videos online, along with some special footage and commentary. Id love to recruit readers of Clapboard to provide commentary (or Brownie videos of your own!), but first and foremost, Id like readers of Clapboard to go check out BrownieProject.com. Tell your friends, tell your enemies. Tell your frenemies. Twitter it, put it in your Facebook status, make your default video on MySpace a Brownie Video. Spread the word. This is the only way other people who arent us will see these silly videos, and the only way theyll be able to spend two minutes enjoying the fruit of the labor of a small-but-growing gang of kids who work for brownies.

I want to extend my thanks to everyone whos worked on a Brownie video in any capacity – you guys make the magic happen. Anyone who hasnt been in one yet is more than welcome (expected?) to be in one. I promise that Im getting better, even if you cant tell by seeing the end result.